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Articles :: Sorted By Date


Teen Amateur Of The Week: Korab Achieved Amazing Aesthetics!
Korab started training at age 15 to enhance his athletic abilities on the soccer field. His dedication made him team MVP. See how he sculpted his body post-high school!
Section: Training :: Apr 22, 2014

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Galambosi Comes Ripped From Romania!
Galambosi immersed himself in bodybuilding at age 15 and soaked up valuable knowledge that translated into ripped muscle. See how this teen added serious mass to his 6-foot-1 frame!
Section: Training :: Apr 15, 2014

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Keiran Built First Line Strength!
Keiran was drawn into the weightroom to even the playing field against bigger foes. Check out the hardcore training plan that helped him surpass the competition!
Section: Training :: Apr 01, 2014

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Andrew Conquers The Competition!
Andrew attacks in silence and uses proven methods to dominate the competition inside and outside the gym. Get the plans that packed slabs of muscle onto this teen!
Section: Training :: Mar 18, 2014

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Dylan Is A Herculean Teen!
Dylan built 120 pounds of muscle from age 14 to 19 and set his sights on bodybuilding glory. See how he packed on serious size and remained hungry for more!
Section: Training :: Mar 04, 2014

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Karli Craves Figure Glory!
Karli became infatuated with the beauty of figure and muscle and sculpted a gorgeous physique that carried her to victory. Get the training a nutrition plans that delivered her results!
Section: Training :: Feb 25, 2014

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Josh Bought Into Big Lifting!
Josh initially lifted to win a state championship in football but turned into a full-time bodybuilder. See how he programs his life around hard training and clean eating!
Section: Training :: Feb 18, 2014

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Cameron Dominated The Gym Battle!
Cameron dedicated his high school years to building after multiple shoulder injuries derailed his sports career. Get the fitness formula he used to dominate the physique stage!
Section: Training :: Feb 11, 2014

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Kyle Is Primed For Mature Muscle!
Kyle melded the intensity of rugby with heavy lifting to mold a sculpted teenage body. Check out the training and nutrition concoction that primed him for adulthood!
Section: Training :: Feb 04, 2014

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Tyler Lifts Heavy Metal!
Tyler carries the flag for teen bodybuilders within his local community in England. See how he plans to attack the completion scene in 2014 and garner pro status!
Section: Training :: Jan 28, 2014

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Douglas Dominates The Weight Room!
Douglas capitalized on serious teenage gains and built a foundation of solid iron. Get the training, nutrition, and supplementation plans he uses to build muscle like an ox!
Section: Training :: Jan 21, 2014

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Dylan Lifts Beyond His Years!
Taking a scientific approach to training and nutrition allowed Dylan to stand out from the crowd. See his recipe for ripped mass and insane symmetry!
Section: Training :: Jan 02, 2014

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Jordan Is A Consistent Competitor!
Bodybuilding became more than a hobby when Jordan learned the importance of consistency. Learn the importance of fitness fundamentals like he did to succeed!
Section: Training :: Dec 27, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Jared Lifts With Teenage Rage!
Jared's powerlifting roots provided the perfect springboard into bodybuilding. See how this teen stacked muscle onto his frame and competed to win!
Section: Training :: Dec 18, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Blake Went Big!
Blake added 40 pounds of muscle between in high school. He's a prime example of someone who reached their genetic potential. See how you can too!
Section: Training :: Dec 18, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Kaloyan Lugs Teenage Testosterone!
Bulgarian genetics provided the perfect springboard for Kaloyan to become a bodybuilder. See how this teen capitalized on fortunate circumstances and got ripped!
Section: Training :: Nov 19, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Gabrielle Is A Figure Force!
Gabrielle trained under the tutelage of IFBB figure pro Belinda Hope and made big gains. See how guidance and hard work paid off on stage for this teen!
Section: Training :: Nov 13, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Dawson Has Cheese Grater Abs At 15!
It was obvious to Dawson that girls like guys with abs and muscle, so he gave them what they wanted. Get the formula that built his shredded physique at age 15!
Section: Training :: Nov 07, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Ahmed Is A Shredded Scientist!
Science plays a strong role in bodybuilding and Ahmed plans to find its advantages. See how this biology major proved his lifting hypothesis correct!
Section: Training :: Oct 17, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Kyle Coleman Craves Challenge!
Kyle's internal engine thrives on achievement and dedication. See how this teen blasted through barriers to create a body of perfection!
Section: Training :: Oct 09, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: French Force!
Arnaud has a staggering foundation of muscle for his age. See how this 15-year-old graduated from bodyweight exercises to heavy iron!
Section: Training :: Oct 01, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Ripped And Recognized!
Pardis traded organized sports for heavy iron and watched his physique explode. See how this teen grew into a lean machine and makes haters shake in their boots!
Section: Training :: Sep 25, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Ripped At The Seams!
This teen streamlined his mind-muscle connection to prepare for competition. Check out the principles that lifted Avery into first place!
Section: Training :: Aug 28, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Mind, Body, And Swole!
Impressive muscles can't appear without an impeccable mind. See how Dalton advanced beyond his teens mentally and physically!
Section: Training :: Aug 22, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Lifting Like Layne Norton!
Adam looks up to Layne Norton's training style and personality because knowledge is power. See what you can learn from Adam's weightlifting wisdom!
Section: Training :: Aug 14, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Power Surge!
Sacre studied bodybuilding greats to replicate their mindset and training methods. The results were dramatic and instant. See what propelled his gains to new heights!
Section: Training :: Aug 07, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Muscle Missionary!
A podium finish at his first bodybuilding competition was an appetizer that left Jonny hungrier than ever. He can taste glory and created plans to fuel his fire!
Section: Training :: Jul 30, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Gymnast Turned Gym Junkie!
Gymnastics gave Samantha freedom to strut her athletic physique front and center. It was natural for her to take that same approach to the fitness stage!
Section: Training :: Jul 24, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Max-ing Out!
Max built a physique to withstand the rigors of intense iron and powerful pole vaults. Use the plans that catapulted him into the air and onto the high school track and field scene!
Section: Training :: Jul 16, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Shredded Muscle, Embedded Confidence!
The weight room gave Ethan the ability showcase his power on the football field. Now his energy is focused on bodybuilding shows that reward hard work!
Section: Training :: Jul 09, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Feminine Figure With Force!
Morgan harvests mass motivation from ripped chicks like Dana Linn Bailey. See how her training style translates to the teenage bikini stage!
Section: Training :: Jul 02, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Swollen To The Bone!
Tyler made hard decisions to follow his dreams and become an IFBB pro. He passed up college football for a life in the gym!
Section: Training :: Jun 26, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: The Sultan Of Swollen!
Sam lives with a permanent chip on his shoulder. He was taught to embrace challenges and outwork those who threatened his goals!
Section: Training :: Jun 18, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Teen Brawn Built With Iron!
Brian didn't side-step his goals or make excuses in the gym. He stepped into a new body with pure hard work and focus. See how you can implement his routines into your plan!
Section: Training :: Jun 11, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Iron Determination Never Quits!
Abed built muscle with sheer will and a graining mentality. He refused to let excuses block the road to his dreams and used heavy weight to break though obstacles!
Section: Training :: Jun 04, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Called Out And Sized Up!
Size was a detriment for Anthony. He learned to embrace his 5-foot-5 frame and build muscle to compensate. Now he focuses on shows and lets his physique do the talking!
Section: Training :: May 29, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Primed For The Big Time!
Teenagers aren't known for accountability, but Ahmed isn't your average teenager. He found the combination and unlocked bodybuilding secrets used by veteran lifters!
Section: Training :: May 22, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Keli's Body Belongs On Stage!
When life got tough, Keli responded by hitting the weights with reckless abandon. She traded in the treadmill and turned her body into a muscle mill that thrives on strength!
Section: Training :: May 22, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Proper Guidance Stimulated Pure Growth!
Before his grandfather died of cancer, Roman made a deal with him. He promised to never quit exercising and live a long life full of muscle and health to share with the world!
Section: Training :: May 08, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Family-Fueled Fitness
The Hansens know how to keep fitness it in the family. McKenzie's brother made an early example, her sister led the charge, and her mom provided endless support!
Section: Training :: May 01, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Blake Shows Doubters The Door!
Nobody will tell Blake how to live his life. This teen battled and defeated heath obstacles as a child and went on to dominate in sports and bodybuilding!
Section: Training :: Apr 24, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Long-Term Lifter
This teen possesses the drive and commitment needed to compete at a high level. Now all he needs is patience to advance his physique. Lucky for Tom, time is on his side!
Section: Training :: Apr 16, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Lifting On His Terms
Young lifters tend to follow the crowd and take bad advice, but Sean is an exception. He took initiative and left bro-science for the followers. It paid off big time!
Section: Training :: Apr 09, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Unchained Growth
Athleticism was never a problem for Blake, but size was. To offset his small frame, the 18-year-old formulated a plan and watched his muscle explode!
Section: Training :: Apr 02, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Bigger And Beyond His Years
Austin dedicated his life to fitness and health in eighth grade. He replaced comfort food and depression with exercise and motivation. Now he shows others the path that set him free!
Section: Training :: Mar 26, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Portuguese Power Plan
David surrounds himself with positive people who support his bodybuilding dreams. It part of a well-thought-out plan that he executes to perfection. The rest is up to him!
Section: Training :: Mar 19, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Sage To The Stage
Bodybuilding legends inspired Sage to up the weight and get serious about lifting. He plans to start his own legacy in 2013 and compete against the best teens and amateurs!
Section: Training :: Mar 12, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Smith Machine
Rugby separates the strong from the weak at a young age in England. Sam refused to be an afterthought in the sport he loved. He used genetics to pound serious iron and surpassed the competition!
Section: Training :: Mar 05, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Larger Than He Appears
Carter's physique is deceiving. At first glance, you notice his 5-foot-5 stature, but after a second take, you only see his muscular frame. He's mini-Flex Lewis in the flesh!
Section: Contests :: Feb 26, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Massive Success
Transitioning from private to public school made Austin feel small. Everything was bigger, including the kids. Now he's on a mission to become one of biggest kids on the block!
Section: Training :: Feb 19, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Big Time Benchmarks
Bench pressing was an outlet for Matthew. He started lifting for strength, then for size. At age 18, he benches 335 pounds and plans to keep growing to the top of the NPC and beyond!
Section: Training :: Feb 12, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Muscle Miracle
Miracles come in many forms. Savannah lost her parents early in life and pledged to live healthy in their name. She's turning vegan and building muscle to prepare for competition!
Section: Training :: Feb 05, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Shredded In The Shadows
Colton's life changed dramatically when his father, who was an avid lifter, committed suicide in 2011. Now Colton lifts with extreme intensity in honor of his dad.
Section: Training :: Jan 30, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Using The Force!
Off-season lifting regimens for lacrosse turned into a 24-7 obsession for Derek. He focused on building size to match his drive and quickly surpassed his fellow peers!
Section: Training :: Jan 22, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Muscle Mission
Jae embraced his small stature from childhood and laughed when kids called him Chopstick. There was nothing he could about his height, so he focused on building muscle!
Section: Training :: Jan 17, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: 19 Years And Growing
Blake defies the laws of human anatomy. He just keeps growing, and growing, and growing. The only thing that can stop him now is himself, and that doesn't look likely!
Section: Training :: Jan 10, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Failure Leads To Success
He draws comparisons to Mark Wahlberg, but lifts like Rob Riches. This teen doesn't sit around waiting for good things to come to him. He succeeds by failing in the name of getting bigger!
Section: Training :: Jan 03, 2013

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Czech Yourself!
Skinny fat wasn't cutting it for Kamil. He envied the strong kids and sought help to get information and guidance. Now he dominates American football and throws up heavy iron!
Section: Training :: Dec 26, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Doering It Big
He stated small but worked his way down the dumbbell rack fast. Bodybuilding gave William the opportunity to build the physique that he couldn't through sports!
Section: Training :: Dec 20, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Scandinavian Inspiration
A devastating soccer injury sent Simen's life into a spiral. He went from the star athlete to a rehab regular. The rehabilitation included weights, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise!
Section: Training :: Dec 11, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: A Turn For The Burn
His youth was devoted to lacrosse, but when no NCAA schools called after high school Austin channeled his drive toward bodybuilding and Kris Gethin's 12-Week Trainer!
Section: Training :: Dec 07, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Quick Gainer
Maddie's inspiration came from her stepfather who works 14-15 hour shifts at a nuclear power plant and still makes it to the gym. She had no excuses not to compete and win!
Section: Training :: Nov 27, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Cooking With Confidence
Teenagers aren't known for their focus and dedication. Ellen is the exception. She eats chicken and salad while her peers gorged themselves on desert. This girl is committed to the future!
Section: Training :: Nov 23, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Barbell Barbaretta
High school football coaches didn't play Alex because of his size. He used it as motivation, built a big body, and founded the Baylor Powerlifting Team.
Section: Training :: Nov 07, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Inspiring Before Expiring
Raul's fitness journey started when he was 15. His dad brought him to the gym and showed him the iron. Raul was fascinated. He learned everything he could and got shredded!
Section: Mind :: Oct 31, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Up And Coming At You!
She may be new to the game, but Jess is in it to win it. This New Zealand teen has a competitive side that grows with every rep. She sets achievable goals, crushes them, and moves on!
Section: Training :: Oct 23, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Teen Titan
Zack was fortunate to join a gym loaded with experienced bodybuilders. He watched, took advice, and learned fast. Now the foundation is set for his next move!
Section: Training :: Oct 16, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Canadian Competitor
Christopher lost track of fitness early in life, but regenerated his passion though bodybuilding. He road tripped to the Arnold Classic, competed shortly after, and craves more iron!
Section: Training :: Oct 11, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: From Twig To Tree
He has a big time physique with big time aspirations. Not to mention a killer support system. Robert trains with pro bodybuilders to add size and keep his dreams alive!
Section: Mind :: Oct 02, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Southern Workhorse
Some people prefer the harder path to the end result. That's the best way to describe Austin. He earns every pound of muscle and takes nothing for granted in the weight room!
Section: Training :: Sep 25, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Cain Train
Texans are known for their stern personalities. Giving them something to prove throws fuel on their fire. Jeremy's fire burns out of control and won't be contained anytime soon!
Section: Training :: Sep 18, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Anything But Normal
Joseph and Arnold Schwarzenegger share a common trait: Normal can't describe them. Most 15-year-olds don't care to be ripped, but Joseph couldn't imagine life any other way!
Section: Training :: Sep 12, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: It's My Turn Now!
Growing up in an all-boys school ratcheted up the pressure to be big and dominant. Nico adapted and became a guru of workout information. Soon, his peers were coming to him for advice!
Section: Training :: Aug 28, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Muscle Munsch
Skinny isn't a word associated with this teen anymore. He took advantage of an ideal gym location and stacked 60 pounds of muscle onto his frame. The best part: he's only beginning!
Section: Training :: Aug 21, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Canadian Crusher
Diabetes changed Jacob's life forever when he was diagnosed at age 11. In high school, Jacob started training to control his sugar levels. Now the gym is this teens second home!
Section: Training :: Aug 14, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Progress Pictured
Sam proved the power of progress photos. Without them, he failed time and time again. With them, he saw the changes, fixed his weak points, and built a physique that most men envy!
Section: Training :: Aug 07, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Hubble Hammer
His high school experience revolved around sports, but athletics left him with an empty feeling. To avoid athletic letdowns, Matt turned to iron and got more than he bargained for!
Section: Training :: Aug 01, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: For The Love Of Bodybuilding!
He turned his passion into hypertrophy, worked his way onto the competition stage, and has big-time bodybuilding aspirations! See how Kai Greene serves as Matt's inspiration!
Section: Training :: Jul 27, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Laying Down The Law
He's an inspiration, an undefeated MMA athlete, and he's far from satisfied. This fighter has the heart of a lion and the killer instinct of a great white shark. When he smells blood, it's bad news!
Section: Training :: Jul 17, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Flex Kelly
Bodybuilding magazines opened his eyes to the sport and gave him the inspiration to live the lifestyle. Since then, it's been a rewarding and humbling grind for this massive teen!
Section: Training :: Jul 10, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: LiveFit Lauren
On a day when most people are busy indulging (Christmas), Lauren decided to change her life. She committed to Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer and the rest is history!
Section: Training :: Jul 03, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Burning Desire
After being bedridden with a serious concussion, Drew had plenty of time to build up a passion for greatness. When the doctors gave him the 'OK' he went to work.
Section: Training :: Jun 26, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Ahmad Faiz
Put simply, Ahmad looks awesome! At 19, he's already lean and mean, committed to fitness, and ready to lift for life.
Section: Training :: Jun 19, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Daniel Guthmiller
When athletics alone couldn't suppress his desire, Daniel reached for P90X, weightlifting at the YMCA and much more to change his physique!
Section: Training :: Jun 12, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Michael Ardeno
As Michael grappled with his lack of strength, bodybuilding entered into his life! See how his physique blossomed!
Section: Training :: Jun 12, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Rainer Neemsalu
Rainer never had the cash flow to make his muscle grow. With the help of some friends, mentors and old-fashioned hard work, he finally stepped into the light.
Section: Training :: Jun 01, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Cody Montgomery
Cody and his brother competed at the gym, always striving to outlift each other. Eventually, Cody caught the eye of a potential bodybuilding sponsor, and he's never looked back!
Section: Training :: May 23, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Frank Caraglio
Getting to peak condition is never an easy road, especially if you don't have the knowledge to get there. Once Frank knew how, he did. Learn from him!
Section: Training :: May 15, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Phil Snelgrove
Bodybuilding is hard for most people, but for guys like Phil it's an excruciating joy. See how he beat cancer, lives with a prosthesis, and still stays ripped!
Section: Training :: May 09, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Maizee Demske
Fitness, beauty and hard work run in the Demske family. Learn how Maizee built an incredible body with the help of two great personal trainers: her parents!
Section: Training :: May 01, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Cody Maria
Cody is off to a great start, winning his first competition. See how his weight work gave him stage presence!
Section: Training :: Apr 24, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Jonathan See
Brotherly love often erupts into brotherly competition. When Jonathan's younger brother got stronger than him, he pursued fitness like a wild man.
Section: Training :: Apr 18, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Tayler Blackman
Athletes use muscles to propel them in sports. Muscle is the sport of bodybuilders. Tayler is a teen amateur, but she's no rookie.
Section: Training :: Apr 12, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Lewis Brierley
Lewis wanted to lift since he was a little kid, but couldn't join a gym until he became a teenager. Once he was let loose on the weights, he's trained like a madman and never looked back.
Section: Training :: Apr 03, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Ethan Grossman
This former football captain came to realize that his true passion lay in the gym, not on the gridiron. Don't just read his full fitness plan – use it!
Section: Training :: Mar 27, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Daniel Granado
Daniel followed his brothers to the gym, and the rest is history in the making. Hear his story, follow his program.
Section: Training :: Mar 21, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Miles Dyer
For Miles Dyer, bodybuilding is all about the mind-muscle connection. Even as a teen, he's mentally focused on lifting and competing for life.
Section: Training :: Mar 14, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Chris Court
A free set of weights led Chris into a life of fitness. Now, through consistent diet and training, he's ready to hop the pond and achieve his fitness goals here in America.
Section: Training :: Mar 06, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Nick Savovic
Nick started small, but big results quickly got him hooked on building his best possible body. Learn how weight training has helped this hardgainer thrive!
Section: Training :: Feb 29, 2012

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Kendra Bach
Kendra was born to be a runner, but an unfortunate injury took her off the trail. Thankfully, she discovered the world of fitness competitions and decided to dedicate her life to a new sport!
Section: Training :: Feb 21, 2012

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