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Steve Holman: Steve has been training for 30 years and has been a member of the IM Training & Research Center for 10 years. He's been IRON MAN Magazine's Editor in Chief for more than 15 years, has written more than 10 books on bodybuilding, weight training and nutrition and his POF-based "Train, Eat, Grow" series appears monthly in IRON MAN magazine.

Steve Holman Before and After (1 month later) using the X-Rep Method!

Steve Holman Steve Holman
Steve Holman

Jonathan Lawson: Jonathan has been training for 14 years, competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions and has been a member of the IRON MAN Training & Research Center for 10 years. He wrote "20 Pounds of Muscle in 10 Weeks" and contributes to the POF-based "Train, Eat, Grow" series which appears monthly in IRON MAN Magazine.

Jonathan Lawson Before and After (1 month later) using the X-Rep Method!

Jonathan Lawson Jonathan Lawson
Jonathan Lawson


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