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Steve Holman: Steve has been training for 30 years and has been a member of the IM Training & Research Center for 10 years. He's been IRON MAN Magazine's Editor in Chief for more than 15 years, has written more than 10 books on bodybuilding, weight training and nutrition and his POF-based "Train, Eat, Grow" series appears monthly in IRON MAN magazine.

Steve Holman Before and After (1 month later) using the X-Rep Method!

Steve Holman Steve Holman
Steve Holman

Jonathan Lawson: Jonathan has been training for 14 years, competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions and has been a member of the IRON MAN Training & Research Center for 10 years. He wrote "20 Pounds of Muscle in 10 Weeks" and contributes to the POF-based "Train, Eat, Grow" series which appears monthly in IRON MAN Magazine.

Jonathan Lawson Before and After (1 month later) using the X-Rep Method!

Jonathan Lawson Jonathan Lawson
Jonathan Lawson


  • Rocket Muscle Gains Into Overdrive With Two-Tempo Training!

    How fast or slow you go during any given set can be the difference between no gains and off-the-chart leaps in size and strength. In fact, by using just two different rep speeds you can double your gains.

  • Top 5 Fat-Loss Blast-Off Tips To Get Ripped!

    It's not easy getting lean, which is why fast fat loss is always a hot topic. So to get you on the rocket ship to ripped, here are 5 fat-loss blast-off tips - from diet to training.

  • Arnold's #1 Get-Bigger Trigger: Power-Density Unlocks Faster Muscle Growth

    Imagine discovering that you've only been training half your muscles' growth capacity, and with one small tweak, you could transform your physique! Exciting new research suggests that's entirely possible. Learn more.

  • Unstoppable Arm Size: One-Hit Wonder Bi's & Tri's Workout!

    A set of guns that stretch shirt sleeves to the bursting point grab attention like nothing else. Achieve startling new growth from the following tips and workout.

  • Blast Off To A New Level Of Mass With Light Training!

    If you want extreme muscle mass, you need to look at lighter, slower-rep training. Cash in on real muscle growth with this detailed list explaining how to do this type of training, why, and sample exercises to go with it!

  • Build A New Muscular You: Transformation Tips From Two Who've Done It.

    Learn how to achieve new levels of muscular size and detail very quickly. You should never quit experimenting and trying to find the right training combinations that work for you.

  • X-treme Lean Transformation Tactics: How I Went From Lard To Hard!

    The old saying is, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ In my case my before picture evoked disgust. With these transformation tactics you can realize your quest for fat loss. Don’t wait another minute - start down that path to a better you!

  • Let-'Er-Rip Supplements: Shredder Stack To Get You Jacked!

    There are supplements you can use along with your fat burner to get blindingly ripped much faster - and even your fat burner should have a key compound to stoke the fires...

  • Get A Muscle Mass Fix With Scientific Muscle Morphing!

    3D Positions of Flexion (POF) is a simple concept based on real science that attacks all the layer of muscle growth with precision. Use the following clues and techniques to build amazing gains in less time!

  • Heavy/Light Q&A: Super-Saturate Your Muscle For Size & Fullness!

    A heavy workout totally depletes the muscle, then a light workout forces more glycogen deposition so the muscle fills… Blast your triceps with this workout and learn more as the Q&A talks about going to failure, adding sets, supplementation, and more.

  • Super-Saturation For Serious Muscle Size With Heavy/Light Training!

    The Heavy/Light Training system is based on how a lot of the bodybuilders in the pre-steroid era - the '50s and early '60s - used to train - and a lot of them got huge! Learn more about this Mass Making program along with a bicep routine and more!

  • Fat-Churn-and-Burn Q&A—Get Ripped, Look Bigger, Grab Attention!

    While most women don't want muscularity or vascularity, the same ripping diet and cutting strategies that smart bodybuilders use can get any woman leaner faster... Get the latest strategies and ideas for fat loss right here!

  • Mass Rules! Pack It On With This Get-Huge Hit List!

    On your mark. Get set. Grow! Our get-huge hit list below can make your race for muscle size a record-setting sprint rather than a slow crawl. We've learned a few things about getting bigger and share them right here!

  • The Super 7 Size Surge Supplements!

    The following are supplements we've tried for extended periods and found effective. This group is the real deal, and they work well together, especially for those bodybuilders who train with intensity. Use them and see if they work for you!

  • Hardgainer Terminator: Twig-To-Big Muscle-Mass Mutations.

    In high school at 120 pounds, Steve often thought that he probably should've pursued ping-pong instead of muscle. If you are a hard gainer then look no further. Here are some great tips & hints to overcome the difficulty of putting on muscle!

  • Mass Crash Course Tactics - Phase Training!

    Are you overtraining? Are you undertraining? These and many other questions arise when training is leading nowhere fast. Learn here about phase training and what you can do to break out of this lag in your training. Read on...

  • Mass X-celeration Interview, Part 2: New X-Rep Training Insights!

    This is the second part of an interview with Jonathan Lawson and Steve Holman... According to Holman and Lawson, X Reps can make a set three to five times more effective at building mass. See this great Q&A where they give details about building mass!

  • Mass X-celeration Interview: Stretch Overload & 300 Percent Mass Increases!

    Jonathan L. and Steve H., Iron Man magazine authors and developers of X-Reps, recently packed on about 10 pounds of muscle. Check out this great interview as they explain another muscular quantum leap - The X Factor. Get the full details right here!

  • 3 Minutes To Giant Arms - How To Do It!

    There's more to gargantuan guns than training bi's and tri's. Sometimes there's a less-obvious mass jack that can turn molehills into mountains. The technique we are going to share with you will help you get those giant arms. Try it out!

  • 19-Inch Arms! Part 1: Triceps!

    What we found turned our uphill battle into a successful mountain climb: a 19 1/4-inch arm measurement after a few key exercise tweaks... This part is going to cover the triceps. Read on for more.