Ben Black


Before I started lifting, I was fat and out of shape. Throughout most of high school I was constantly teased and berated for my enormous size. At 5'7 and 230lbs, who could blame them? I had played high-school soccer and rugby, but was never any good because of the extra weight I had to carry around. I ended up sitting on the bench most of the time trying to catch my breath. To make matters worse, I knew nothing about nutrition.

I knew there had to be a way out of this vicious cycle, but I couldn't find it. Because of my size, I was on medication for high blood pressure and hypertension. Not only was I hurting myself, but also the ones that love me the most, my parents. I went out of state to attend college because I wanted to escape from my past and somehow start afresh.

While at college I decided to give up my old lifestyle for good and transform my physique. I remembered how a friend had once commented that I would make a good bodybuilder because of my large frame. In the past I had dabbled in weight training, running and swimming with little results, largely because of poor diet and ignorance.

My success has not come easily. It took me about a year to change my physique and rid myself of bad eating habits and training methods. Along the way I have been fortunate to be able to pick up tips from friends, Internet websites like and even the college strength coach. I'm currently 185lbs and 8-10% body fat all year round. I still continue to educate myself by researching as much as I can on nutrition, supplements, and new bodybuilding methods.

Favorite Body Parts: Back, Delts
Favorite Exercise: Bent-Over Barbell Rows
Favorite Supplements: Biotest Tribex-500
Hobbies: Basketball, Reading Muscle Mags, playing the guitar.
Favorite Bodybuilders: Shawn Ray, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane
Age: 20
Height: 5"7
Weight: 185


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