Mark Subsinsky


It has been a long, strange trip for this body. I have been lifting weights since high school in the 70's and throughout my adult life, always trying to look good and enhance my performance. Bodybuilding has helped in my military career (former Airborne Ranger), sport activities (rugby) and overall health.

Educated as a biochemist but currently working as a nuclear power plant operator, it is the current job that got me back into serious bodybuilding over the past 2 years and prompted the first article. I believe that I have gained some insight into staying fit throughout the past 20 years and will expand on some issue in coming articles. Age: 42
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 226 lbs


  • My Take On DC Training!

    What follows is my take on DC training, focusing on the things I've found that I liked and exploited to my advantage. This is not a radical program but can be very useful. Try it out!

  • 60+ Hours A Week: Keep Your Priorities Straight!

    The demands of modern living force all of us to make choices. With that being said I would like to share my list of priorities and important items for staying healthy.

  • Butterfly Effect: The Basics Of The Thyroid - Part 1.

    The thyroid is the butterfly shaped gland that impacts metabolism in adults. I will discuss the basics of the thyroid and what problems sometimes occur.

  • Van Winkle #2: Training After A Layoff!

    I note several key points throughout the article and discuss other layoffs and returns to training as well. In addition, I'll discuss some nutritional considerations and supplementation.

  • Backward Logic: Learn How To Use Backwards Running To Prevent Injuries, Break Plateaus & Make New Gains!

    The site recently published several articles on leg development. Let me enlighten you on a technique that I've used in the past and haven't seen mentioned in many years - backward running and walking.

  • Don't Dip: Quit Smokeless Tobacco Now!

    I have been using smokeless tobacco on and off for years. Find out how I quit and some great suggestions to help you quit too...

  • Working Out For The Non Nine To Fiver's - Part Two!

    This article delves deeper into the biochemistry of sleep and how we can fine-tune our bodies and activities in an attempt to optimize growth and recovery while changing the hours we sleep. At the end, I provide my thoughts that tie it all together.

  • Working Out For The Non Nine To Fiver's!

    There are several aspects that I will be covering in the series. The first installment will discuss, sleep, changing sleep patterns and training/workout schedules.