Kristin Reisinger


Kristin Reisinger is a nutritional consultant, freelance writer and NPC Figure Athlete based in the New York City/Northern New Jersey area. She has 5 years experience training, 3 years experience competing and is currently completing a Masters degree in Nutrition/Exercise Physiology and a Registered Dietitian internship program from Columbia University in New York City.

She is a freelance health and fitness writer and has written for various online publications as well as her own online health and fitness website.

Her competitive career includes the Galaxy North American in 2000 and 2001. She has recently switched over to the new NPC Figure Division and placed 5th at the NPC Physique 2003 and qualified to compete at the 2003 Figure Nationals in New York City. Upcoming competitions include the 2003 NPC Eastern USA held in New York City and the 2004 NPC Junior USA's in New Haven, CT.

She has won several graduate research scholarships including Pinnacle Body's sports nutrition scholarship in 2001 and most recently the Executive Women of New Jersey Merit Scholarship in 2003.

Her academic goals include disseminating information regarding the scientific research behind sports supplementation and products to give consumers the information they really want. They also include medical nutrition therapy for chronic disease and preventive medicine.

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Name: Kristin Reisinger
Occupation: Personal Trainer And Freelance Writer
Birthday: October 8th, 1972
Height: 5 ' 5 "
:: Offseason 128 lbs.
:: Contest 122 lbs.
:: Galaxy North American 2000
:: Galaxy North American 2001
:: NPC Physique 2003 (5th Place)
:: NPC Figure Nationals 2003

Snowboarding, Rock Climbing, Playing Guitar, Learning and Speaking French, Traveling
:: Galaxy North American 2000
:: Galaxy North American 2001
:: NPC Physique 2003 (5th Place)
:: NPC Figure Nationals 2003
:: M.S. Nutrition and Exercise
? ?Physiology (Columbia University)
:: B.A. Classical Piano/Music
? ?(University of Miami)


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