Nikola Todorović


Nikola Todorović is a Ph.D. student and lab technician at Applied Bioenergetic lab. Nikola investigates the effects of various interventions on biomarkers of energy metabolism and health-related lifestyle behaviors in clinical and non-clinical populations. Check out his publications on ResearchGate.

Valdemar Štajer

Valdemar Štajer, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, the University of Novi Sad, and a chief laboratory technician at Applied Bioenergetic lab. Valdemar has specific knowledge and skills in biochemistry and exercise physiology. For his doctoral thesis, he studied the dynamics of creatine synthesis biomarkers in a clinical and athletic environment. You can read Valdemar's publication on the Web of Science and ResearchGate.

Alex Tarnava

Alex Tarnava is the CEO of Drink HRW and the primary inventor of the open-cup hydrogen tablets. Alex runs the clinical outreach program for Drink HRW, working with over a dozen universities coordinating research. Alex has also published research of his own. You can find it on his ResearchGate. Additionally, he has been interviewed for many prominent publications, such as Entrepreneur and Forbes, and on many popular Podcasts. You can find all of his interviews and articles on his media page.


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    There are several factors that can produce fatigue, and although sleep, nutrition, and recovery time are all fantastic strategies to overcome it, supplementation plays a more critical role than you might think.