Robert DiMaggio


Rob DiMaggio is the founder and formulator at Ironmag Labs, and the creator of


  • Overtrain If You Don't Want To Gain!

    What is the ideal way to train for maximum gains in size and strength? There are some general rules that I feel should be followed by the drug free bodybuilder in order to avoid overtraining and to optimize gains. Learn about them here!

  • Positioning For Pecs: Build A Massive Chest!

    So, how did I get my chest to go from minuscule to massive... tiny to titanic... pathetic to powerful? It's all about ‘positioning’ my iron-addicted friends! Here is my explanation and why posisitioning is so important. Sample chest workouts included!

  • Training And Hypertrophy - Gain Size!

    Muscle grows when it is under stress. This is known as adaption. In order to benefit from this stress you must keep the muscle under a constant state of hypertrophy. Learn more about the muscles and how they work right here.

  • 6 Hypertrophy Hints!

    Here I will share with you six 'hints' that can lead to more hypertrophy. Serious bodybuilding is hard work, and you deserve to get the most out of the time you spend in the gym.

  • Chins For Your Back.

    Basic movements were used for centuries to create sculpted bodies. The chin up or pull up some people call it is one of those basic movements.

  • Does Circuit Training Equal Fat Loss?

    When you go to the gym to use the machines, are they all full? Here is an article that takes a different approach to circuit training, using mostly free weights.

  • 10 Tips For Long Term Weight Loss

    These amazing ten tips will help you lose the fat and keep it off!

  • Six-Pack To Go: Abdominal Training!

    Everyone wants a six-pack of abs right? Learn some myths about ab training and what exercises you need to know to start producing results!