Sara Morin


I was born and raised in Maine. I grew up in a neighborhood of seven boys and me. I either played Barbies alone or kickball and softball with the group. For eight years, I played field hockey, ran outdoor track and did field sports. When I was 17, I joined the Army Reserve and went through Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training.

I began training with weights in high school. I did not receive any formal training until college. That's when I met my future husband and started making more progress and developed a specific program. He is a very active and fit person and helped inspire me to be more consistent. After the birth of my first child, I had gained over fifty pounds! I got into the gym and lost the weight, but at that time, my knowledge of nutrition and supplementation was grossly lacking. I started reading and learned more about proper nutrition. During that time, I got my group fitness certification, which also helped to keep me motivated.

In 2002, I had my second child, still gaining over 35 pounds. The worst part was my 10 year high school reunion was scheduled for three months later. I adopted a very clean diet for those three months and lost all the weight. I was fit in school, but never toned and sculpted. Many of my classmates didn't recognize me. I was voted Most Changed Classmate. And for the better! It was so rewarding.

Fitness is a gift that I treasure. My time is the gym is exactly that, my time. I love my children, but my workouts are all about me and I truly appreciate every minute I have.

In May 2003, I saw a poster for a local bodybuilding/figure competition for August. I started training immediately and jumped in with both feet. I knew nothing about competing, never attended a show, and had no clue about the posing, posing suits or even tanner. By fate, I crossed paths with Cynthia James of Unique Physiques in Pompano Beach, FL. Four weeks before the show, I had ordered my two piece from this cheesy site online and it was hideous! I desperately got online and found CJ's number and called her late that night. She answered!! She helped me so much with my suit (she made it!), makeup, tanner and even my precontest diet. I give her so much credit for my initial success. I did the show August 9th and took first place!

I helped design my own website with a friend in January of this year. It has been met with a very positive response. I am truly hoping to change the image of fitness in Maine. Maine is known as one of the most unfit states in the country.

Visit my website at - Portland, Maine
Birthday - March 16th
Height - 5'4
Weight - 125 lbs
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Hazel

Occupation - mother, group fitness instructor, fitness model, office manager in family business, national figure competitor

Education - BA in Communication, minor in business, AAAI and ACE certified group fitness instructor

August 2003 NABF Maine Supernatural - 1st
November 2003 NABF Nationals - 1st Tall Class and Overall
November 2003 NPC Northeastern States - 1st Tall Class & Overall
April 2004 NPC Jr. USA's - 11th Class C
May 2004 NPC New Englands - 2nd Tall Class
NGA Granite State Open, October 2004 Novice Bodybuilding 2nd
NPC Northeastern Tournament of Champions, Sept. 2004 Figure 2nd Tall Class


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