Cassie Augustine


Cassie Augustine is a writer and fitness enthusiast in Denver, Colorado. She is partner and Chief Strategy Officer at Agency Zero. The title she’s proudest of is Mom.



  • When Does Body Positivity Become Health Negativity?

    There's a lot to be said for accepting your body shape regardless of how heavy or thin you are. Your long-term health, though, depends on you digging a little deeper than that.

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  • How To Keep Your Selfies From Ruining Your Life

    For every person who loves what you share online, there's someone else who doesn't get it—or who is using it to build a case against you. Here's how to have all the benefits of social media with none of the blowback!

  • I Cut Like A Bodybuilder And Lived To Tell The Tale

    At age 40, Cassie caught the bug and decided to make an ambitious choice to model for a friend. With three weeks to prep, would she shine in front of the camera, or crash and burn beforehand?

  • It's Time For Bodybuilding And CrossFit To Make Peace

    Hating on each other stopped being cute a long time ago. It's time for all of the dominant fitness paradigms to stop infighting and unite against a common enemy!