The International Sports Sciences Association believes that the health and fitness of our society can be significantly improved by our students' success as health, sports and fitness professionals. Our efforts to stem the tide of poor health and physical decline are multiplied exponentially as our graduates and members disseminate the ISSA principles and methods to their clients, peers and associates.

"ISSA Has Successfully Helped Over 40,000 Individuals Worldwide!"

ISSA offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all of its certification courses. If, for any reason within 30 days of ordering any of our certification courses, you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund you the entire purchase price, excluding the cost of shipping and handling, with no questions asked!

ISSA was the first organization to recognize the need for specialized levels of education in the fitness field. We established standards of professionalism that are now recognized throughout our industry. We built our organization in response to the public's need for professional guidance and inspiration combined with a strong foundation of scientific knowledge and practical understanding. Our efforts become multiplied by hundreds of times as our graduates take the principles and practices they learn from our programs and disseminate this information to their clients.The ISSA acts as a teaching institution and certification agency for fitness trainers, athletic trainers, aerobic instructors, and medical professionals in every field of health care. ISSA hosts seminars in most states as well as numerous countries around the world.

You Can Get Certified In The Following Catogories:

  • Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT)
  • Specialist in Performance Nutrition (SPN)
  • Golf Fitness Trainer (GFT)
  • Fitness Therapist (FT)
  • Specialist in Fitness for Older Adults (SFOA)
  • Specialist in Sports Conditioning (SSC)
  • Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning (SMAC)
  • Specialist in Adaptive Fitness (SAF)
  • Youth Fitness Trainer (YFT)
  • Water Fitness Trainer (WFT)
  • Endurance Fitness Trainer (EFT)

You May Choose Three Powerful Ways To Become ISSA Certified:

  • CFT Independent Study (Online Final Exam)
  • CFT Independent Study (Mail-in Final Exam)
  • CFT Seminar Timed Final Exam

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