Anthony Church


Anthony Church has had a passion for fitness since he was only eight years old. Now 22, he is an internationally certified fitness trainer with the International Sports Science Association. He is a nationally competitive natural bodybuilder and athlete with many victories under his belt. He is also the owner of Small Business Ventures and HP Web You can find out more about him on his website, where he offers his online personal training and consulting services.

Some Accomplishments:

  • ISSA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • NPC Long Island Classic: Teen B - 1st place and Overall Teen Champion
  • INBF Tournament of Champions: Overall Teen Champion and Men's Middleweight 1st Place
  • NPC Atlantic States: Teen B - 1st place, Overall Teen Champion and 5th place Men's Middleweight
  • INBF Naturalmania - Appearance
  • NPC Teen Nationals: 2nd Place Middleweight Teen
  • NPC Natural Northern USA's: Teen B - 1st Place, Overall Teen Champion, 1st Place and Overall Junior Champion, 3rd Place Men's Middleweight
  • INBF New York State Bodybuilding Championships: Overall Teen Champion, 3rd Place Men's Open
  • NASA National Powerlifting Championships: Powerlifting, Bench Press, and Powersports - 1st Place
  • Appearances in FLEX, Ironman, NPC News, Exercise for Men, and Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazines
Name: Anthony Church
Years Bodybuilding: 8 years
Favorite Bodyparts: Everything
Favorite Exercise: Squats
Favorite Supplements: Protein Shakes and L-Glutamine
Hobbies: Bodybuilding, Sociology, Writing, Wrestling, Martial Arts
Body Fat: 10%

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