Manny Fausett


Manuel "Manny" Fausett received a B.A. in Criminal Justice and Paralegal Certification from Boise State University and has been a personal trainer for six years. Manny, during his nine year stint in the service, competed in endurance events including triathlons, but eventually drifted over to powerlifting because of boredom and the availability of local events.

Manny's best lifts as a powerlifter was a 610 squat, 410 bench press and a 585 deadlift at a body weight of 181 pounds. During a competition in Munich, Germany, Manny suffered a back injury which now prevents him to compete in powerlifting events. However, he used that experience to formulate his philosophy which he now espouses.


  • Rants And Raves #2!

    Here is issue No. 2 of things I like about bodybuilding and things that make me mad. Music at the gym, steroid users in natural contests, having a broken heart at the gym and more!

  • Free Radicals!

    Free radical damage has also been strongly associated with the symptoms of chronic fatigue.

  • Rants And Raves #1.

    My views on revolutionary training, Bob Paris' new book, and how big the pros are getting.

  • Extreme Workout!

    I would like to give credit where it's due: this workout was inspired by a good friend, Mitch Hodge and the originator, Kirk Malicki.

  • Return To The Gym Workout!

    Recently, after training steadily for 18 months, I decided to take a long absence from the gym. It was difficult at first, since the gym atmosphere has been my second home for eight (8) years now. Here's how to get back into it.

  • Should You Eat Organic Foods?

    Organic foods are perhaps the least of the explored venues to attain good health. What are they and why should you eat them?

  • Powerlifting To Improve Your Bodybuilding Physique!

    The following workout is a personal favorite of mine because it is short, brutal and effective. However, it also allows the lifter to work towards keeping the bodybuilders aesthetics intact.

  • Form Versus Weight/Momentum

    Currently in any gym in the world, a person can walk in and find a lifter, regardless of gender, weight training with an unrealistic weight; throwing the weights around instead of focusing on form and maximum muscle contraction.

  • Beginner Workout!

    One of the greatest mistakes I have seen in the gym environment, other than bad form, is the use of advance workouts by novice lifters. Here are the reasons why it is bad and a good workout for beginners.

  • Novice Intermediate Workout!

    The next level exercise program is more difficult but an effective regimen which produces fast results. Here is a 6-week program to follow once you pass the beginner stage!