Easton Drake


Easton Drake has been in the dietary supplement industry for 8 years with Bodybuilding.com and GNC. He is a graduate from Boise State University with a BS in Health Sciences. During his undergraduate studies, he spent most of his time researching the benefits of dietary supplements for his job and school work. He is also pursuing a Master’s Degree in Adult Learning Theory in hopes to apply this additional knowledge to the fitness industry.  He plans to accomplish this by making it easier for people to gain access to accurate health and nutritional information. Easton personally values Bodybuilding.com as the perfect platform to inform and educate members on anything pertaining to their fitness journey.

On a personal level, Easton’s journey began at a young age with sports. When he began college and injuries affected his ability to continue playing, he shifted his focus to weight lifting. Bodybuilding.com offered a safe haven to find trustworthy information and workout programs to get started. Although Easton has never competed, he is very passionate about the industry, stays up to date on industry news, and embraces all benefits it can provide to those who seek improved overall health.