Tom Noonan


Through high school, I was always picked on for being the scrawny kid. One day, I decided this would change. I gained 40 pounds and now I love motivating people to start on the path of good health and good image!


Ever since I was a kid, I have enjoyed staying active. It seems as though I can't go a day without blowing off some steam, whether it is through biking, running or playing competitive sports. I started playing hockey when I was in elementary school, and continued to play throughout, and even after graduating college.

I started weight lifting when I was 18 because I was sick of always getting made fun of for being the scrawny kid. It was really difficult to gain weight, even when I was eating as much as I could and lifting for hours each day. I started using supplements because it seemed I couldn't gain the weight I wanted to without them. The extra protein and creatine helped tip the scales, and finally all the hard work paid off. I went from 150lbs to 190lbs in only a few years.

After being successful at shaking off the "skinny kid" phase, I enjoy helping others escape the stereotype as well. I have helped numerous friends and colleagues learn their way around the gym and get the supplements they need. I worked a few summers in a gym geared towards older guys. My job was to get them excited about exercising once again. It was very rewarding to see them come back day after day and start to lose the pounds they had collected over the years.

One of my major inspirations has been my father. He has always been committed to exercise, and continues to prove himself year after year. At age 56, he completed a cross-country (USA) bicycle trip in less than two months. His dedication to fitness has certainly rubbed off on me.

In 2006, I started the site, which is a database of user reviews for various supplements. My goal with the site is to raise consumer awareness of the supplements that are available today. Through administrating this website and my experiences in life, I have gained a ton of knowledge about supplements and exercise which I enjoy sharing with the bodybuilding community.


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