Charlie Poole


Changes Over A 12 Week Period

In starting my 12-week transition, first I had to find some kind of motivation. I felt the best way to motivate myself was to enter a before and after contest. I chose the EAS Body for Life challenge. Making this commitment gave me the motivation I needed to get the ball rolling. After the first four weeks it was not the contest or the cash prizes that kept me motivated, it was the fact that I was feeling so much better about myself, and had the support of my friends and family who I didn't want to let down.

Age: 21 (3/30/80)
Height: 6'
Weight: Before 250, after 205
Residence: Taneytown, MD
Years Bodybuilding: I have only been seriously bodybuilding for 12 weeks.
Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts
Favorite Body Parts: Shoulders and legs.
Favorite Supplements: Favorite Supplements: Myoplex meal replacement, Max-complete, Nitro-Tech, Cell-Tech, L-glutamine, BCAA, Hydroxycut, and Z-Mass-PM.
Hobbies: I enjoy writing music, watching funny movies, and hanging with my friends.Pic #1 / Pic #2 / Pic #3 / Pic #4 / Pic #5


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