Rebecca Slatt



    Dad - Talk about a workaholic! My father had to take care of 3 women and he did an exceptional job! He is a CPA and has a large amount of farm-land in South Dakota. He puts his heart into everything he does, and keeps family in mind at all times. He is also a deacon at our church.

    Mom - My Mother is another very hard-worker! My Mother is a tax expert for the IRS. She travels often, teaching volunteers how to assist people with taxes. She is an amazing woman. She is very active in our church.

    Both of my parents were very respectable role models for me growing up.

    Sister - I have an older sister who teaches the 6th grade. She also works part-time in retail during the summer and on weekends during the school-year. She was the maid of honor at my wedding.

    Pet Dog - Angel. She is an American Eskimo and she has quite the personality! She enjoys her peace and quiet! She is very affectionate and sweet, and loves to eat Sara Lee whole wheat bread!

    Husband - Christopher John Slatt is my BEST FRIEND! He is currently competing in US track and field (long jump) for We met while competing together in collegiate in track and field.

    We were best friends for a long time, and it felt like I was dating my brother when we first started dating. His support and encouragement has made me into a better person than I ever imagined myself being. I couldn't do any of this without him.

My Childhood:

    My parents provided me with a very memorable childhood which I will cherish for the rest of my life. I thank God everyday, that I was blessed with two parents who are religious, and happily married.

    They did their best to provide me with every opportunity available. I attended private elementary school through my church, and was able to be very active in sports. I have competed in almost everything imagineable at least once. I even was able to participate in a competitive water ski show team!

Athletic Background

    I competed in numerous sports entire life. My favorites include track and field, cross-country, soccer, and waterskiing (barefoot and show-ski). I earned a full-scholarship to the University of Illinois for track and field-pole vault.

    I ended up transferring to Texas Tech University for another coach, and was successful as an all-American in the pole vault as well as academically. I moved back to South Dakota to be closer to my family for my senior year of school, and attended University of Sioux Falls, where I played varsity soccer.


  • Bachelors of Arts degree in Wellness-emphasis on Biomechanics and Kinesiology
  • Completed internship with Avera/McKennan Acceleration Training program
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Current Employment Status:

    I am currently employed with in customer service and writing articles published on the website. I also volunteer as an assistant coach for Team Idaho track and field (Jr. High ad High School Pole-vault) during indoor track and summer track.

    Although I no-longer personal train in a gym, I also assist a few of my past-clients with their workouts and diet programs.

Getting Started In Fitness:

    I love to train heavy in the gym, and see how far I can push myself and develop certain muscle groups. I wanted to see how proportional I could make my body. During college, I started to focus on bodybuilding-even though it contradicts some of track and field training aspects.

    The strength definitely helped me out. Once I was done competing in track and field, I was thinking about bodybuilding; however, I didn't want to be as big as I would have to become for my height, and fitness seemed out of the question because of flexibility issues!

    I was very excited when figure was introduced. I picked my competition about one year in advance, and started training hard for it about 6 months prior to the competition. I love to compete, and I work hard to become the best in everything I do.

    I know that if I do everything I can possibly do to be successful I have no reason to be upset with the outcomes of my competitions.

Fitness Accomplishments:

Photo Shoots:

  • Gold's gym (Champaign, IL 2001)
  • (2005)
  • (2005)
  • (2005)
Future Plans:

  • I have various photo shoots coming up: Oxygen magazine,, and more.
  • I would love to have a website, as I compete in more competitions and do more photo-shoots.
  • Interview with Maxx Muscle.
  • I plan to be baptized in the summer 2005!


  • Color - Green
  • Band - I enjoy a variety of music: I listen to quite a range of music; mostly hip-hop, some alternative, and Pink Floyd or Dave Matthews when I am working.
  • Food - Mixing cereals - I am serious! I love natural peanut butter, so much I can't have it in the house!
  • Outfit - Low-waisted workout pants and zip-up jackets
  • Movie - Shrek 2
  • Favorite TV Show - The Golden Girls and Law and Order
  • Pick Up Line - "Do you work out?"
  • I Have A Thing For - Animated movies, makeup, and "to do" lists!
  • Pet Peeve - Negative people. Pessimism is like a cancer, it spreads very quickly, so I try to stay away!
  • Competitors - Monica Brant, Julie Childs, Mat Duvall, and Gunter Schlierkamp

DOB: 03/22/1981
Height: 5'6"
Competition weight: 128 lbs
Off-season weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Measurements: 35-25-35

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