Rebecca Slatt


Athletic Background

      I competed in numerous sports entire life. My favorites include track and field, cross-country, soccer, and waterskiing (barefoot and show-ski). I earned a full-scholarship to the University of Illinois for track and field-pole vault.

I ended up transferring to Texas Tech University for another coach, and was successful as an all-American in the pole vault as well as academically. I moved back to South Dakota to be closer to my family for my senior year of school, and attended University of Sioux Falls, where I played varsity soccer.

I love to train heavy in the gym, and see how far I can push myself and develop certain muscle groups. I wanted to see how proportional I could make my body. During college, I started to focus on bodybuilding even though it contradicts some of track and field training aspects.

The strength definitely helped me out. Once I was done competing in track and field, I was thinking about bodybuilding; however, I didn't want to be as big as I would have to become for my height, and fitness seemed out of the question because of flexibility issues!

I was very excited when figure was introduced. I picked my competition about one year in advance, and started training hard for it about 6 months prior to the competition. I love to compete, and I work hard to become the best in everything I do.

I know that if I do everything I can possibly do to be successful I have no reason to be upset with the outcomes of my competitions.


  • Bachelors of Arts degree in Wellness-emphasis on Biomechanics and Kinesiology
  • Completed internship with Avera/McKennan Acceleration Training program
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Accomplishments:

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