Noah Siegel


As a college swimmer I began lifting weights to improve my speed and power and I was immediately hooked. I didnt know anything about nutrition or training, but I started ferociously reading the magazines to learn what I could. Off a whim my buddies took photographs of me at the gym and sent them into Muscle and Fitness for their top college physiques. To my surprise two months later I appeared in the magazine as one of the top college physiques to watch.

I graduated college and went to Florida to attend graduate school in human anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology and worked as a personal trainer. I did a few more photo shoots and continued working out. Eventually I ended up back in NYC working as project manager in a prestigious real estate construction and development firm. I didnt have much time for working out anymore, but decided to make a change in my life when I saw the pictures from a recent vacation. After rededicating myself to my passion for training I became better than I had ever been in the past.