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Gear UZR Magazine is a quarterly publication produced and distributed by Nuclear Nutrition. It's slogan is 'The Most Cutting Edge, And Informative Bodybuilding Publication on the Market Today'.

It does not contain 200 pages of B.S. over hyped advertisements. It does not contain gratuitos, graphic, ridiculous and embarrassing sex advice columns, nor swimsuit models in each issue, not paid advertisements disguised as articles.

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  • The British Bodybuilding Scene!

    Now without sounding too insulting, what in the hell are some of the English guys doing with IFBB pro cards? Our British guys didn't really come close to the American pros. Why is this and where are the genenetic freaks we do not know about?

  • Feeling Small? You Might Have Muscle Dysmorphia!

    Mental health experts have learned that it is very likely that you could be sick and suffering from a Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) called Muscle Dysmorphia or Bigorexia.

  • Trevor Smith Interview - 400 Pounds And Growing! had the pleasure of interviewing bodybuilder and Nuclear Nutrition's founder Trevor Smith. Find out about his new training center, his 4th degree black belt, and his future competition plans! Written by