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PowerMag is the world's leading powerlifting publication. Lifters get the recognition they deserve and the hungry lifters will get the information they need to succeed. No bias, no excuses. PowerMag? to me is a huge step for lifters. They are increasing the entire powerlifting market through exposure and education. They have designed the magazine to be for the lifters. For you.

They have a great web site set up at www.powermagonline.com where readers, supporters, and educators can submit their content and their suggestions. The lifters created this sport and have created the need for PowerMag?. The editors of PowerMag will use their knowledge as lifters and a visionaries to do what they can to make the powerlifting world what it can be and what it should be. Thanks for checking us out!


  • IIFYM And Flexible Nutrition Interview With Dr. Layne Norton

    Unearth the truth about flexible dieting, sustainable fitness and nutrition, and popular myths with expert advice from Dr. Layne Norton!

  • From Fat To Jacked: Mark Bell

    Mark Bell felt he was too fat. He got squashed under a heavy squat and decided to slash weight. See how this powerlifter cut the carbs to lost fat and drop down a weight class.

  • Unlock The Power Of Your Hips!

    Your lower body is far stronger than you realize. Open up your hips and improve their mobility before every lifting session. You'll access more strength now, and build more strength moving forward!

  • From Powerlifter To Bodybuilder

    Shawn Frankl went from focusing on strength as a powerlifter to carving out a bodybuilder's physique. He followed different approaches to training and nutrition but learned that, above all else, nutrition is the key.

  • It's Never Time To Quit: Do What You Love For Life

    Robert Wanamaker lives and lifts with a rare disease called DISH that constantly threatens to end his strongman career. He won't give up, and neither should you.

  • Protein Super-Dosing: Sound Strategy Or Pseudo-Science?

    You know you need protein, but how much? Responsible lifters need to learn the truth about daily protein intake. Strike a macronutrient balance and crush your goals!

  • The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Athletes

    Young athletes are often ambitious, but need a little direction. Follow these seven habits to turn your daydreams into daily life.

  • Eat Fat To Burn Fat: A Counterintuitive Approach To Shredding

    Fat loss and fat gain are complicated biological processes, but there is an answer. The research shows it, and we reveal the research!