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Athletes who have trained/still train at Metroflex Gym:

Current Athletes:

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Matt Poe (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Anthony Schlegel (Cincinnati Bengals)

Past athletes:

Paul Brodeur (national-level powerlifter and Texas champion)
Steve Goggins (world champion powerlifter)
Paul Varlens (UFC fighter)
Frank Shamrock (UFC fighter)
Oleg Taktarov (UFC fighter)
Vicky Gates (Ms. Olympia competitor)
Mick Foley (professional wrestler)
Johnny Jackson (IFBB pro bodybuilder)
Melvin Anthony (IFBB pro bodybuilder)
Marika Johansson (IFBB pro bodybuilder)
Troy Smith (2006 Heisman Trophy winner with the Baltimore Ravens)

Other testimonials (past & current lifters) can be found at:

Metroflex's Founding:

Taken from Brian Dobson's eBook (available at

"My name is Brian Dobson and I started Metroflex Gym in 1987 because I was a hardcore bodybuilder and very few of the gyms in the area catered to the "hardcore" audience. This was the beginning of the fitness craze, and most of the gyms which started during that time shied away from offering the hardcore bodybuilder an opportunity to train heavy and intensely.

These gyms frowned upon lifts such as deadlifts, heavy squats, and other strongman and powerlifting moves -- which are the very lifts necessary to build terrific strength and muscle! The gyms even frowned upon dumping heavy dumbbells on the floor, grunting loud, motivational yelling at your training partner, and mostly, they were concerned with making money to a far greater extent that helping their members get big and strong.

Almost none of the gyms even offered good advice, let alone a great environment, for the bodybuilder, power lifter, strongman, and combat athlete to become bigger & stronger and, ultimately, better athletes."

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