Barry Lumsden


Barry Lumsden is a former skinny guy based in Scotland who has dedicated years of his life to the study of muscle growth. Plagued with poor genetics, Barry was always tall, weak, and skinny.

After studying the science of muscle growth, he’s now the proud owner of a strong, muscular physique, and boasts a deep understanding of muscular anatomy and exercise physiology.

He’s also a fitness writer with work featured on major fitness websites such as, Muscle & Strength, and Live Strong.

His passion is to help others get in shape by cutting through the crap and providing sensible science-based information to help anyone build muscle or lose fat.

Barry sleeps well at night because he operates with honesty and integrity. His genuine desire to help people succeed with their physique goals is what drives him.

He is the founder of, a website that provides information on training, nutrition, and supplementation for muscle growth and fat loss. He is also the author of "Optimum Mass: The Definitive Guide to More Muscle."



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