John Rusin, DPT, CSCS


With more than a decade of elite-level training experience and advanced degrees in both exercise science and physical therapy, Dr. Rusin develops performance, regeneration, and aesthetics programs for some of the world's best power athletes, NFL and MLB athletes, gold-medal Olympians, competitive powerlifters, and bodybuilders.

Dr. Rusin is a coach, speaker, and writer, whose work has been popularized in Men's Fitness, Stack Magazine, Testosterone Nation, and Mountain Dog Diet. In addition to his sports-performance physical-therapy practice in Madison, Wisconsin, he's also the owner of John Rusin Fitness Systems, an online fitness platform geared toward synergizing the best of high-performance training and intelligently designed physiotherapy/regeneration programming to athletes and clients across the world.

Dr. Rusin is also the author of The Functional Hypertrophy Training Program.



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