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Never count out Angie Monteleone-Semsch in any facet of life. She is the fitness realm's queen when it comes to triumph over adversity. Born without a hip socket, most of us would be satisfied to walk normally. Not Angie.

Fitness competitions became part of her daily devotion in 1998 and by 1999 she competed at the NPC Nationals where she placed an unheralded 15th. All she has done since then is rise to the highest level of the sport by not only turning pro, but competing in the Fitness Olympia.

Turning pro after winning the overall title at the 2003 NPC USA Fitness Championships, Angie made her pro debut at the Fitness International in 2004. Ever vigilant, Angie has moved steadily up the ladder of success and in 2005 she recorded a trio of fifth-place finishes at the New York Pro Fitness, Emerald Cup Pro, and Sacramento Pro Fitness, along with placing fourth at the Charlotte Pro Fitness. Her Charlotte result qualified her for the Fitness Olympia where she inched into the top-ten landing in the ninth-place spot.

Name: Angela Monteleone-Semsch
BodySpace Profile:

Height: 5'3.5"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Measurements: 38-27-36
Size: 6/7
Shoe: 9
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Angie Semsch

2006 IFBB West Palm Beach Pro Fitness - 2nd Place (Qualified for 2007 Fitness Olympia)
2006 Fitness Olympia - 8th Place
2006 IFBB Atlantic City Pro Fitness - 2nd Place (Qualified for 2006 Fitness Olympia)
2006 IFBB Southwest Pro Fitness - 6th Place
2006 IFBB All Star Pro Fitness - 5th Place
2006 IFBB New York City Pro Fitness - 4th Place
2006 IFBB Fitness International - 9th Place
2005 IFBB Sacramento Pro Fitness - 5th Place
2005 IFBB Fitness Olympia - 9th Place
2005 IFBB Bulk Nutrition Charlotte Pro Fitness - 4th Place (Qualified for 2005 Fitness Olympia)
2005 IFBB Southwest Pro Fitness - 7th Place
2005 IFBB Emerald Cup Pro Fitness - 5th Place
2005 IFBB New York City Pro Fitness - 5th Place
2004 IFBB GNC Show Of Strength Fitness - 11th Place
2004 IFBB Emerald Cup Pro Fitness - 11th Place
2004 IFBB New York City Pro Fitness - 7th Place
2004 IFBB Fitness International - 11th Place
2003 NPC USA Fitness Championships - Overall (IFBB Professional Qualifier)
2003 NPC Junior USA Figure Championships - 7th Place Class B
2002 NPC National Fitness Championships - 3rd Place Medium Class
2002 NPC USA Fitness Championships - 4th Place Medium Class
2001 NPC Junior National Figure Championships - 5th Place Medium Class
2000 NPC Ozarks Fitness Championships - Overall
2000 NPC Junior USA Fitness Championships - 3rd Place Short Class
1999 NPC Kentucky Gold Cup Fitness Championships - 2nd Place
1999 NPC Junior National Fitness Championships - 3rd Place Short Class
1999 NPC USA Fitness Championships - 12th Place Medium Class
1999 NPC National Fitness Championships - 15th Place Medium Class
1998 NPC Arkansas ClassIC Fitness Championships - Overall

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