Shane Giese


I started experimenting with dumbbells when i was in 5th grade. I always wondered why my older brother and father trained. I just thought they were wasting their lives because they were missing out of having fun. Little did I know that bodybuilding would become my favorite hobby.

Bodybuilding has impacted my life in many ways. People respect me for having respect for my body and sometimes ask me questions about bodybuilding. I don't think that I am better than people just because I lift weights. This is something that I do for myself and not to make myself look better than someone. Bodybuilding allows you to push yourself as hard as you want and learn what you're made of.

Name: Shane Giese
Age: 15
Years Bodybuilding: 2
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Waist: under 30"
Hobbies: Football, Bodybuilding, Hanging out with friends!
Favorite Supplements: Creatine And Whey Protein
Favorite Bodyparts: Chest And Calves
Favorite Exercises: Military Press, Dumbell Bench, Dumbell Press
Favorite Bodybuilders: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ahmad Haider, Darrem Charles, Albert Beckles
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