Ron Harris


I have over sixteen years of experience in training myself, and for the past decade have been devoted to helping others through my writing and personal training. Many of you may know me from my columns and articles over the past ten years in magazines such as Ironman, Muscle Media 2000, and Musclemag International. Though I am very proud to be associated with these and several other publications, the time has come for me to get my knowledge and experience across in the purest, most unadulterated form possible.

As a bodybuilder, I have spent many years researching the best methods for gaining muscle, losing fat, getting stronger, and sculpting the human body as a sculptor does with a block of granite or clay. We all have the power to transform ourselves into something incredible, yet confusion and lack of knowledge keep most people from ever realizing their true physical potential. With my goal is to give you the tools, information, and motivation to make your dreams a reality.

I'm just like you. I started out with a body nobody would have looked twice at and floundered for years in search of the best ways to build muscle and get lean. Thanks to my many mistakes and years of trial and error, I am certain that I can save you years of wasted effort and put you on the right track to success immediately.

I am an ACE-certified personal trainer, but I consider my years of in-the-trenches experience and research far more valuable. I have had the privilege to learn from some of the great minds in the exercise and nutrition field, and I want to spread that accrued knowledge to as many people out there that need it. We live in a time when there is such a barrage of information, especially in the fitness industry, that many men and women don't know what to believe anymore. My mission is to guide you through the minefield so that you arrive on the other side with only what you need to know to look and feel you best.