The skinny on MyBodyBeats.
Founded by fitness and music aficionados Cory Canty and Nikki Canty, we are the premier source for downloadable audio workouts from the world's top professional athletes. Our pro training regimens are proven. They create discipline, motivation, and ultimately, put you in control. Each exercise is infused with the trainer's unique personality, philosophy, and energy. In addition, a dynamic, sweat-inspiring blend of music provides the backdrop to routines. Athletes of all levels will grow from this combination of pro-level training and muscle-twitching entertainment. So start downloading. And pump up your volume.

The training is virtual. Your physique will be as real as it gets.
Why us? Well, for starters, our interactive workouts are a practical alternative to pricey gyms and personal trainers. But we offer much more than run-of-the-mill fitness instructors. What separates us is the fact that a professional athlete is your trainer, coaching you through sessions while sharing their exercise secrets, motivational methods, and nutritional guidelines. In fact, we're the only place you'll find pro athletes and the exact regimens that guided them to peak fitness. And soon, we'll be introducing even more mass to your instruction - downloadable videos.

Frankenstein yourself.
Do you want Branch Warren's massive legs and Dave Palumbo's hulking, rounded shoulders? Or, do you envy Valerie Waugaman's sexy, toned legs? Well, you're in luck. Because with us you can select from a variety of routines and switch trainers at any time. So when you need a change of direction or pace, no biggie. Heck, go ahead and use multiple pros within the same session. It's cool, they aren't the jealous types.

Rocket fueled.
Nutrition is the bedrock of any good fitness program. And we've got you covered. Our trainers share their most vital nutritional guidelines and tips during routines. Which will help keep your body primed, and ready to blast.

Face to interface.
Our workouts are taxing. Lucky for you this website is a cakewalk. Protein cakes only of course. Through our site's intuitive interface, you can listen to samples, save your favorites to a playlist, create customized workouts, and even blog trainers for help. Everything you need to develop a beefy fitness plan is within arm's reach.

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