Marc Rosamilia


Hello, my name is Marc Rosamilia and I am a competitive natural bodybuilder. I got started in bodybuilding through my older brother and cousin. One summer day back in 1986 I strolled downstairs to my basement because I was intrigued by what my brother and cousin were doing there day after day, weight training.

I was as curious as any 11 years old would be. After spending sometime watching them do this awkward looking ritual I said to myself I could definitely do that. So I asked them for some pointers and a basic program, 15 years later it has become a passion in my life not only recreationally but also competitively. I have many aspirations in the world of fitness and will not stop until I reach my goals. Bodybuilding has taught me so much about myself and about my self-discipline and determination.



Favorite Body Parts: Arms, and back
Favorite Exercise: Dumbbell curls
Favorite Supplements: Lean Body, creatine, and glutamine
Hobbies: Fitness and Sports
Favorite Bodybuilders: Those who do it naturally and morally


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