Stephanie Ring


Stephanie Ring is a coach, writer, and movement specialist. Movement has always been an important part of Stephanie's life, starting with ballet at age 3 and moving to competitive cheerleading at age 16. She started practicing yoga in college, but it was years later when she started training for triathlons that her yoga practice was taken to the next level. Stephanie utilized yoga as cross-training and as a way to increase her overall performance, prevent injuries, and improve recovery time. She has completed more than a dozen races, including two marathons, a century ride, and two Half Ironmans.

Once she was introduced to CrossFit in 2013 at CrossFit Marin, it wasn’t long before her training days outnumbered the days on the yoga mat. It was around this time that she created WOD Recovery Yoga, a yoga practice designed to help athletes recover mentally and physically from training. Shortly after that, she wrote the WOD Recover Yoga e-book as a resource for athletes looking to incorporate yoga into their daily training.



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