Laura Hughes


Laura Hughes received her bachelor's degree in Hispanic studies (with an international business focus) from the University of Texas at Austin, and her master's in business from Texas State University. She found her first passion when she became interested in helping people prevent the effects of a poor diet. This prompted her to earn certifications, including Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA), Level 2 myofascial compression technique from Trigger Point, and Personal Training from World Instructor Training School (WITS). Hughes is currently pursuing a Master Trainer certification through ISSA.

Hughes has worked in the fitness industry for more than eight years, training hundreds of clients from beginners to competitive athletes, post-cancer treatment survivors, and hospital bed-bound rehab clients. In 2017, she combined her passions for business and fitness to open a private, personal training studio.

Hughes is a powerlifter and has collaborated on training videos with her mentor and coach Josh Bryant. She has also been a featured trainer for ISSA, and has filmed content for training certification courses. To read more about Hughes' personal fitness journey, check out her website.


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