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About We 'Mirin Inspirational Photos

We 'Mirin (short for "we're admiring") is a weekly collection of the most inspiring BodySpace physiques. We 'Mirin showcases the hard work, dedication and incredible results of Bodybuilding.com community members. It is meant to celebrate, inspire and motivate.

We 'Mirin Submission Guidelines

We 'Mirin is built on BodySpace gallery photos. To be considered, please first upload your photos to your BodySpace account. (Don't have one? Open a free account here!) You MUST be a BodySpace member to be featured. Once your photos have been uploaded, simply email a link to your BodySpace account to We.Mirin@bodybuilding.com. We'll do the rest!

We search photos and profiles daily, brought to our attention via email and BodySpace, and choose the best physiques featured in We 'Mirin each week.

While studio-quality photos aren't required, we do prefer high-quality, high-resolution images. We prefer active shots of people training, lifting, moving or otherwise athletically engaged. No nudes. Please do NOT crop your photos.

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  • No Pants? No Problem. Shredded Legs Are Worth Showing Off!

    In honor of National No Pants Day, we asked our members to pull up their shorts (or pull down their pants!) and show off some upper-thigh definition with their best quad flex!

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    The moon isn't the only thing causing an eclipse. Check out these solar-blocking lats!

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    You won't have to twist, turn, or contort your body to admire these 12 beautiful backs!

  • 10 'Mirin-Worthy Mississippi Physiques

    In honor of the state of Mississippi's bicentennial celebration this year, we're dedicating We 'Mirin to the best physiques in the Magnolia State!

  • 10 Teardrops That'll Make You Cry

    The teardrop-shaped upper-leg muscle known as the vastus medialis takes true dedication to develop. This "quad squad" has paid their dues, leg day after leg day, to make theirs pop!

  • 10 Physiques Forged Through Blood, Sweat, And Tears

    You don't get bodies like these just by working out. You sweat. You starve. You ache. Then you walk down the street just smiling at your reflection in the windows.

  • 12 Insanely Inked Fit Bodies

    There's nothing sexier than a fit bod—unless it's a fit bod with some serious ink! These 12 BodySpace members are proud to show off their muscles and their tats!

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    Check out these 'mirin-worthy physiques that prove hard work pays off.

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    Hard work pays off, and these photos are proof. Check out these impressive physiques to harness enough drive to kill your workout. But first, take a selfie.

  • We 'Mirin Vol. 142: 12 Fit Fathers

    This Father's Day, we pay homage to dads for all that they do. Take the day to celebrate family and fitness by checking out the inspirational physiques of men who work hard inside and outside the gym.