Sara-Jane McShane


Sara-Jane "SJ" McShane is a writer, voice-over artist, photographer, personal trainer, and nutritionist.

Twelve years ago, while losing 30 pounds, SJ developed a passion for helping others not only lose weight but also gain strength and grow healthier. She believes true health and wellness involves having a positive relationship between body and mind, a healthy relationship with food, and good habits versus obsessive restrictions.

Her work has appeared in the following publications:

  • Oxygen Magazine
  • Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine
  • Natural Muscle Magazine
  • Robert Irvine Magazine
  • TRAIL Magazine (South Africa)
  • Proactive Health Magazine
  • Inside Fitness Magazine (Canada)
  • KIWI Trail Runner Magazine (New Zealand)
  • Get Out There Magazine (Canada)
  • Health and Fitness Magazine (Dubai)
  • Wedding Day Magazine
  • Author of "Shedding for the Wedding"


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