Todd Opheim


Todd Opheim just turned Pro as the 2000 NGA Northwestern Natural PRO QUALIFIER Heavyweight & Overall Bodybuilding Champion!

Todd's Personal Fitness History
My interest in health and fitness began in 1992 when, at the age of 22, my doctor told me that I had borderline hypertension and that I was "looking a little fat". This was a pretty harsh sentence for somebody who had always been athletic and active.

I decided to take on working out with weights, learning about nutrition and performing regular cardiovascular exercise as a way of life. The energy and vigor that I gained from making this my lifestyle fueled my desire to help others gain the same results I was reaping. I quit my stressful job (at one of the largest insurance companies in the world) and returned to Boise State University. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion in 1997.

This education and experience has helped me to literally change the lives of hundreds of people since I began Personal Training in 1996. Personal Training and changing people's lives are my passions in life. Nothing is more rewarding than to have a client say to me, "Thank you for all you have done for me; you have truly changed my life!"

At OPT4FIT, we do not offer one standard plan, as we are all individuals with individual needs. Although bodybuilding is my primary hobby, I understand that it probably is not yours. My job is to design programs and provide sensible dietary suggestions that work best for each person we work with, regardless of age, size or gender. 1 | 2


2002 NGA Pro Atlas Video
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Intro videos: Todd says hello like a real bodybuilder should.

Todd introduces you to his web page while posing. The Web's first ever posing intro!
toddintro.mpg (6 seconds, 1.33MB)

Also, check out this quick video of Todd posing in the offseason.
toddpose.mpg (6 seconds, 851KB)

Exercise videos: Todd shows you how to perform them correctly!

Full Bench Press Video w/ Audio! toddbench.mpg (MPG, 37 sec, 3.95MB)
Basic Bench Press Video without Audio toddbench2.mpg (MPG, 16 sec, 1.58MB)
Seated Row Video w/ Audio! toddseat.mpg (MPG, 53 sec, 5.29MB)
Shoulder Press Video w/ Audio! toddover.mpg (MPG, 39 sec, 3.76MB)
Bent Over Row Video w/ Audio! toddover.mpg (MPG, 47 sec, 4.73MB)
Barbell Curl Video w/ Audio! toddcurl.mpg (MPG, 34 sec, 3.13MB)
Dumbbell Curl Video w/ Audio! todddbcurl.mpg (MPG, 44 sec, 3.89MB)
Overhead DB Extension Video w/ Audio! toddext.mpg (MPG, 26 sec, 2.34MB)
Close-Grip Bench Video w/ Audio! toddclose.mpg (MPG, 31 sec, 2.91MB)

Workout Of The Month

New Year-Long Workout Program - This new program starts with month #1 and goes through a full year of progressive training. Build your optimum physique!

Past Workouts of the Month:
Note: These are not part of the Year-Long program.
May - Ham(s) and Legs
April - Get Back! Focus On Building Back Size
March - Lower Body Slim-Down/Upper Body Mass Gaining
February - Four Day Split
January - Dumbell Workout
December - Holiday Maintenance
November - Torso/Limbs Split System
October - Mass Gainer
September - Plateau Buster
August - Precontest Program
July - For Advanced Bodybuilders
June - Advanced Program


  • Workout Plan For December: Holiday Maintenance!

    We've been working to put on muscle the last 11 months of the year and at the very best we hope to maintain that muscle until the holidays have passed.

  • Workout Plan For November: Torso/Limbs, Split System!

    This month's workout is designed for the beginner - intermediate bodybuilder looking to develop a symmetrical physique in only 3 workouts per week.

  • Workout Plan For October: Mass Gainer!

    The following is a program designed to put on mass in the off-season. This program is the one I will follow for the eight weeks following my October 14 show in New York.

  • Workout Plan For September: Plateau Buster!

    This month's workout will focus on intensity and the principle known as rest-pause. This is a definite plateau buster for anyone who is stuck in a training rut.

  • Workout Plan For August: Precontest Program!

    This month's workout is a plan that I will use to get ready for the NGA Professional Universe in New York City.

  • Workout Plan For July: Advanced!

    I went through and listed out the areas of my body that I wanted to bring up to speed with the rest of my physique. This program would work well for anyone with similar flaws in their physique.

  • One Year Workout Guide: Month 10, 11, 12!

    We will attempt to maintainyour muscle mass while we shed the excess adipose tissue. If you are still lean and wishto continue gaining mass, you should simply go back to month 4.

  • Workout Plan For June: Advanced Exercise Routine!

    To advance to this stage you must be able to up your intensity by increasing your weight or decreasing your rest between sets.

  • Competition Day: A Show Day Breakdown!

    So you've put on slabs of muscle, chiseled it down with a hardcore carb, rotation diet, practiced your posing, slaved away on the stationary bike for hours on end, shaved every last hair on your body. Now it is show time!

  • One Year Workout Guide: Month 9!

    We are now up to the 3/4 of one year mark. Hopefully you have progressed through each month diligently and you've seen the results I promised.

  • Workout Plan For April: Building Back Size!

    As I am happy with the development of my erectors and traps, I have decided to de-emphasize them and prioritize my lats and rhomboids by increasing their volume and giving them their own day in my four day workout split.

  • One Year Workout Guide: Month 8!

    Taking Strength Gains and Making Some Muscles. We are going to re-introduce some lifts you are already familiar with from prior months and take out the 'Big Three'.

  • Workout Plan For March: Lower Body Slim-Down/Upper Body Mass Gaining!

    This program is one that I use with my clients who wish to slim down their lower bodies, while gaining mass in their upper bodies. Though typically used with the women I train, this program is also effective for men...

  • One Year Workout Guide: Month 6 And 7!

    Last month saw us doing supersets. How do we keep progressing from here? The answer lies in this months workout.

  • Workout Plan For February: Four Day Split!

    This is a four day split that should be performed in 6 - 7 days. Take a day off when you feel it necessary, but don't workout more than 3 consecutive days without a day off. Here is the workout.

  • One Year Workout Guide: Month 4!

    3 Months Down, Time For the 3 Day Split! You've learned a wide variety of exercises and have perfected their form. See details for 3 day split.

  • Workout Plan For January: Dumbbells!

    Here is a 3 day split program designed for all of you dumbbells out there. Seriously, this is a dumbbell only program. I'm referring, of course, to the equipment, not the users of said equipment.

  • One Year Workout Guide: Month 5!

    You'e seen impressive strength and muscular gains. You'e educated yourself and perfected a wide variety of exercises. So, now what? Read on to see why this month is going to be super!

  • Where I Am, Where I'm Going: A Personal Look At Todd Opheim!

    Anyway, I, like most of you have set some new goals for myself for the new year. If you already have a monster chest and weak arms, don't continue to try to impress people with how much you can bench.

  • Todd Opheim's Bodybuilding Miracle Stack

    I have found that since taking EAS Betagen, EAS Glutamine, Sportpharma Ribose, Syntrax Methoxylon, and Syntrax Proxylon, my recovery has been better than ever. I am carrying a higher amount of lean body mass than I ever have.