Mike Hajoway


Mike Hajoway is a published fitness writer and lifting enthusiast based in Akron, Ohio.


  • A Streamline Waist!

    You rarely find anyone gracing the pages of any magazine without a solid six pack. Find out how to get model like abs!

  • Not All Cardio Is Created Equal!

    Performing cardio at a fat burning rate is much more beneficial to your body both physically and mentally. Everyone should do cardiovascular training because it is great for your health and, most of all, builds character.

  • The Lowdown On EFA's!

    Personally when I first heard that there were types of fats that actually helped your body and helped you lose weight, I did not believe it. After doing a pretty good amount of reading and some research, I found out that the myth was true.

  • All About Calf Training!

    Building impressive calves is a goal for many bodybuilders but to acquire them one must pay the price and calves require two things: pain and discipline. Learn how to get Dave Draper like calves!

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: A True Anti-Oxidant!

    Supplementing with alpha lipoic acid can result in measurable gains in both strength and muscularity. Therefore, alpha lipoic acid could be very beneficial in your quest for muscle growth.

  • Glutamine: A Secret To Gaining Muscle!

    Glutamine can help prevent muscle catabolism, promote muscle anabolism, enhances the immune system, and enhances glycogen storage. Learn how it can help you!