Muscle Media


Muscle Media Magazine started out as a magazine that claimed not to be influence by any forms of advertising. It took on hard subjects such as the ever controversial issue of steroids in bodybuilding, and dealt with them in an informative matter.

The magazine first promoted Met-Rx has its chief product, then moved to EAS. It was owned by Bill Phillips, who also owns EAS. In 1997, their motto was 'The Art & Science of 'Real' Bodybuilding'. In 1999, their motto was 'Leading the Evolution of Fitness'. In 2000, their motto is 'Your guide for building your best Body for Life'.

Muscle Media Magazine went through transformations in 1999, coming out with only a few issues. The year 2000 started off with Bill Phillips asking to begin a new era with not only a dynamic and comtemporary new look, but also a renewed focus on helping the reader succeed in their efforts to look and feel great. The magazine was owned by Bill Phillips, who also owned a part of EAS. In 2002, David Kennedy became the editor in chief.