David Gluhareff


In the late 1990s, I lost over 100 pounds going from 305 pounds to 205 pounds! I then began my journey of proper health & fitness discovering the right combination of 3 Keys to Excellence in Health that every one of us should strive for - Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest! The right Exercises, proper Nutrition, and adequate Rest/Stress Relief are the 3 Keys to being healthy!

Since 1997, my businesses (Train With Dave One-On-One Personal Training & Small Group Personal Training, Virginia Bootcamps, South Boston Fitness, Writing, etc) have included me doing the following in a beautiful city of about fifty thousand people (Danville, VA): training thousands of people one-on-one (at home or in a fitness facility) in exercise and nutrition, training groups of people at gyms, being the personal trainer to the local hospital for their employees, holding summer exercise groups for kids at a local elementary school, teaching college level weight training / wellness classes for a local community college (Virginia Community College System), consulting gyms on fitness equipment and exercise classes, training college athletes, training new and competitive bodybuilders of all ages, guiding intense professional people (doctors, lawyers, executives, politicians, etc...) through the weight loss process, written 2 Books (How I Lost 100 Pounds! and The Healthiest Weight Loss Solution!), write articles for Musclemag International, Physique Magazine, Protrainer Online Magazine, Bodybuilding.com, Athletes.com, At-Home Magazine, Showcase Magazine (monthly column), Evince Magazine (monthly column), The Piedmont Shopper (weekly column), and more mags and websites, written and consulted for large Nutritional Supplement Companies, an active Board Member on the Board of Directors of The Free Clinic of Danville Virginia, an active Member of Rotary International, on the Patient Advocacy Council for our Hospital (Danville Regional Medical Center), a Lecturer and Speaker to Groups constantly throughout each year, and a whole lot more!

I am a Sponsored Elite Obstacle Racing Athlete by VPX Sports/Redline (Team VPX Xtreme Obstacle Racing division) (VPXsports.com), Bodybuilding.com Elite Brand Clothing (Bodybuilding.com/b-elite), Danville Regional Medical Center (DRMC - DanvilleRegional.com), Attorney Mark B. Holland (MarkBHolland.com, Wilkins & Co. Realtors (WilkinsAndCo.com), Mud and Adventure (MudAndAdventure.com) and everyday constantly training plus challenging my body and pushing through Elite Obstacle Races and Ultra Marathons!

I am the Director of Team Xtreme OCR a group of 23 hard training, hard racing, and full of positivity Elite Obstacle Course Racers!

I love what I do! I love helping my clients and readers by spreading Good Health and Fitness and Motivating people to implement Fitness into their lives and the lives of their families! I thank God for allowing me to lose the 100 pounds years ago and changing my life for the better! I also thank God for giving me the opportunity to positively change others' lives and having a career I am excited to wake-up for every morning!

Vital Stats:

Age: 36
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 238 lbs
Occupation: Personal Trainer (owns 2 fitness training facilities), Writer, Elite Obstacle Racer, & Survival Runner

Websites: TrainWithDave.com & StrengthRunner.com
Facebook: TrainWithDave & StrengthRunner
BodySpace: TrainWithDave
Twitter: @trainwithdaveg
YouTube: Train With Dave


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