Gary Matthews


I have been a gym instructor for over twenty years, training many people from athletes to bodybuilders.

My professional career began in the Royal Australian Air Force where I was employed as a Fitness Instructor. My duties consisted of training recruits in various disciplines including strength training and conditioning techniques...

At that particular time I was very influenced by the bodybuilders and training systems of the time. Doing five or six workouts a week was the normal way to train, splitting upper and lower body workouts, and even training twice a day.

This "old style" training was enough to completely exhaust anyone, let alone the reoccurring soreness it would pose for weeks. How I kept it up for so long I don't know, especially when I gained nothing in size or strength for all those years.

Believe it or not, I've seen members at the local gym using this method, and they still look the same as they did a year ago! They haven't even gained an inch!

I eventually steered right away from "volume training" and developed a training program completely based on scientific principles that required people to be in the gym for only 20 minute sessions at a time.

When I introduced this new program to clients, they began to make rapid progress! Sparking new muscle development! while at the same time decreasing their body fat levels dramatically!For more information visit my web site at:

Phone: 61 7 55348603 (Aus CST)


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