James Stettler


I am James Stettler and run a UK based website called area9.net. I am also the owner of Area Nine Publications and the author of these bodybuilding books: The Manifesto of Mass (which has sold exceptionally well in the UK and also in the USA and is in it's 3rd edition), Militant Site Location Secrets, and publisher of The Iron Militia newsletter.

Name: James Stettler
Date of Birth: 30 - 11- 77
Best Weight: 290lbs
Height: 5' 10"
Occupation: Director of Bio-Freak and Area Nine and Laboratory Publications, Freelance Writer, and Author
Max Weights: 470lb Squat, 135lb Shoulder press, 450lb Bench Press

Achievements: Diploma in Sports nutrition & Psychology - Author of the The Manifesto of Mass (1,2 &3), Militant Site Location Secrets, Mutation, Muscle Recipes & Project Proteus and Editor of The Iron Militia Bodybuilding Newsletter - Director and creator of Biogenesis supplements.

Goals: To assist bodybuilders to achieve their goals as fast and as safely as possible. To be contribute the sport of bodybuilding and be a good father. To build the best body I can given my genetics and lifestyle. The only person I compete against is myself.


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