Linda Cusmano


Linda is a Certified Triple Elite Personal Trainer, choreographer, Triple Pro Natural Fitness, Pro Natural Figure and Bodybuilding Competitor, Fitness Model, Actress, Fitness Writer and Consultant.

Aside from her Personal Training, seminars, workshops and Fitness Contests Linda also contributes articles for publications both online as well magazines.

Linda's specialties lie in Post Rehab (especially neck and back), Plyometrics and Sport Specific training (all sports plus bodybuilding, fitness, figure) and Fat loss.



  • Continually updated with professional workshops and credits.
  • Fully updated in Fitness First Aid, CPR C
  • ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)
  • Health and Fitness Certificate
  • Fully updated.
  • BCRPA (British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association)
  • Personal Training Specialty Module
  • Fully updated
  • Curtis Group, completed November 1995
  • BFL Certificate/ Strength Training/Personal Training
  • BCRPA Strength Training Ice, completed October 1995
  • Ace (American Council on Exercise) Certified August 1995
  • Fully updated
  • CAIA Certified March 1995
  • Renew May 1999 then became part o ACSM
  • Weight Training Level 2
  • YWCA completed, December 1994.
  • Weight Training Level 1
  • Douglas College, CFES course, completed October 1994.
  • Fitness Theory/ BCRPA Fitness Theory Exam
  • Douglas College, CFES course, completed September 1994.

    Client Services Training

  • UIC, Federal Government Canada, completed August 1993


You can find articles written by Linda in the following magazines:

  • Gym Magazine
  • Burn Magazine
  • Ms. Fitness Magazine
  • Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine
  • F.I.L.E.S
  • Body Talk
  • Hard Fitness
  • Oxygen
  • And more...
  • Others as requested, various issue for various mags, see tear sheets link above.