Pete Sisco


Peter Sisco is co-author of Power Factor Training, Static Contraction Training and other books. He is also the editor of the five-book "Ironman's Ultimate Bodybuilding" series and the author of the best-selling e-Book, TRAIN SMART! His partner, John Little, and him have written six books on rational, scientific methods of bodybuilding.

Some of the books he has written!

Pete has written an amazing e-book for bodybuilders to learn from. You can learn: The Truth About HIT (High Intensity Training) - How High is "High"? "High Intensity" is a a term you see thrown around a lot in bodybuilding. But has anyone ever clearly defined the term or exactly quantified it? The Genesis of Power Factor Training. The quest for effective, efficient training through the tools of reason and experimentation. The Best Power Factor Workouts! How to Get Started - Today! Read this and head straight to the gym for a new, refreshing, muscle stimulating workout! All this and much more!


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