Bob Hargrave


I got into bodybuilding, because in High School, I was a rail thin kid, and my self-esteem suffered. I was stereotypical 98 pound weakling, but in my case, a 112 pound weakling. I was too frail for the football team, and too short for the basketball team. But, things all changed my junior year of High School when one of my friends took me to the local gym. After I touched my first weight, I was hooked. I had been bitten by the iron bug.

Nothing could describe the feeling I got after my first workout. I felt like I had really done something, and the muscle soreness the following day only made me want to come back again, and again. I continued to learn the iron game, and slowly but surely put on muscle.

After 3 years of lifting, I decided to enter my first bodybuilding contest. I went to a local natural contest with along with a gym buddy of mine. I competed in the lightweight class against 14 other very solid lightweight natural bodybuilders.

Unfortunately, my lack of experience with posing hurt me, and I did not place as well as I had hoped. But, I took away a lot of good experiences. I felt a feeling of accomplishment knowing that I had stepped on stage. The photos I got shortly after affirmed that I did belong on a bodybuilding stage, and looked forward to more competition. Sadly, the federation I was in folded shortly after, but I still hope to compete again.

Right now I am a sophomore in college, and work as a restaurant manager. Juggling bodybuilding, school, work, and a social life can get very stressful! But, with the self discipline that I have taken from the bodybuilding lifestyle, things are easily handled.Name: Bob Hargrave
Age: 22
Height: 5'6
Weight: 162
Chest: 43"
Calves: 15"
Legs: 24"
Arms: 15.25"
Waist: 30"More Pics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4