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Are you confused as how to achieve your goals? What are your own personal roadblocks? Please email me your story ( Let me know what your goals are and what hurdles you need to overcome. What is holding you back? I will then pick one story a month. I will contact you and we'll work out a 30 day plan. This plan will not only cover training and nutrition, but also how to overcome personal issues. During those 30 days you'll be required to blog daily on your progress, failures, etc. We'll also check in with each other once a week. At the end of the 30 days we will recap your progress. My columns will be about you! Come join me on the path to inspire ourselves as well as others.

My Background

Greetings from Maine! Ron Pimentel writing for a respected fitness publication, "ha, top of the world mom." Who am I and why am I taking up this precious space? Yes this column is about training and nutrition, however it is also about the one thing that leads us to creating a better, healthier lifestyle. It's about inspiration. We are all inspired by something or somebody. It can be the fact that our pants feel like a straight-jacket or not having enough energy to keep up with our children. To me it was about obstacles and the limitations that society placed on me.

I was born on August 28, 1974 in Fall River Massachusetts. At birth I had many facial problems and my eyes rolled continuously like a jackpot machine. The doctors were mystified by this and although my cardiac function was perfect, they gave me 24hrs to live. By the age of one I had had 3 operations on my eyes. I have Mobius Syndrome ( Mobius left me with paralyzed facial muscles. There are only 3,000 reported Mobius cases worldwide. Am I unique? You bet!

I had been a pro-wrestling fan since I was 5 or so. I always admired these guy's bodies. Of course at the time I was totally oblivious to what steroids were. Anyway, when I was 13 I begged my parents for a bench and weights. I started working out religiously. In my mind it was "to all the kids who are hurting me... I'm going to get big and strong and then I'm going to kick all your butts". I just didn't expect that weight-lifting actually calmed me and helped me focus on more positive things.

Bodybuilding and music saved my life. It gave me an outlet, they were my friends, and they healed my wounds. Everyday I'd get home and head straight for the weights and then took a notebook and just began to write and write lyrics and then cranked up the amp to 10 and play my guitar.

Once I began working out I started buying the bodybuilding magazines. I got totally excited about the human body and how amazing it was. I read every book I could on nutrition, anatomy, anything medical. I just couldn't get enough.

This "retard" by the way went on to become the first male in a huge family to graduate college. I currently work in Social Services at a local hospital as my full time gig. I am in the process of writing my Autobiography as well as a musical soundtrack to the book. I also own Symmetry Music Productions and my Personal Training biz, Synergy Health & Training (


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