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Why did you become interested in fitness?
I used to watch the Fitness America, Cheerleading & Aerobics competitions on ESPN and I was so fascinated & amazed by the talent & physiques of the competitors, I knew that's what I wanted to do someday. I was on the Dance/Drill Team for 4 years in High School so that was as close as I got to competing at that time.

When did you first start working out?
I took weight training in high school, but really started lifting when I was 20 to get into shape. As I saw more results I got more serious in my lifting. Now, I not only workout to stay fit and healthy, but train to compete as an IFBB Fitness Professional, building & maintaining lean muscle & strength for my physique & fitness routine rounds. This has become my way of life.

As of 2005, I train with Mike Davies who has opened up my mind completely to a different way of diet & training for the better. I feel stronger & healthier and my physique comes in at top shape for every show.

How the Fitness Competitions Started:
I followed the Fitness Competitions in magazines, but had never been to a show. So, April of 1999 I went to my first Fitness & Bodybuilding show, the Emerald Cup Fitness Competition. I knew of a couple girls who were competing in it so I pretty excited to go.

Right then and there I decided that this is what I wanted to do! So 5 months later, September 1999 I competed in my first fitness competition and placed 2nd and then one week later I competed in the Washington State Ironman Fitness Show, (hosted by Craig Productions) and I placed 1st!! From that point on I was hooked on Fitness!

What other physical activities do you enjoy to stay fit?
I enjoy hiking, taking walks, rollerblading and really any activity that's outside. There aren't very many sunny days in the Northwest, so I try to be outside as much as possible when the weather is nice. When I'm in training for a competition I spend most of my time in the gym. I lift 5 days a week and take 1 full day off.

What are your goals within the fitness industry?
My main goal in fitness is to inspire others to start living a healthy lifestyle and to reach their fitness goals, and then they in turn inspire someone.

Additional Notes:
Be Strong in the Lord and in His mighty power - Ephesians 6:10

arrow Fitness Competition History:


    2006 IFBB New York City Pro Fitness Championship - 6th
    2005 IFBB Pro Fitness Emerald Cup - Inaugural Show 16th
    2004 IFBB GNC Show of Strength Fitness - 13th
    2004 IFBB SW Pro Fitness - 9th & recipient of the "Horizon Award"
    2004 IFBB New York Pro Fitness (pro debut) - 15th


    ==> 2003 NPC USA National Fitness Championship - 2nd Place Middle Class, *IFBB Pro Qualified*
    2003 Emerald Cup Fitness - 1st Place
    2002 Capitol City Body Building - 1st Place Open Middle Weight Class
    ==> 2001 NPC Nationals Fitness Championship - 12th Place Middle Class
    ==> 2001 NPC Nationals Team Universe Figure - 8th Place Middle Class 2001 Emerald Cup Figure - 1st in Class & Overall
    2001 Vancouver Naturals Figure - 1st in Class & Overall
    ==> 2000 NPC USA National Fitness Championship - 20th Place Middle Class
    2000 Capitol City Fitness - 3rd Place
    2000 Emerald Cup Fitness - 7th Place
    2000 Vancouver Naturals Fitness - 4th Place
    1999 Ironman Fitness - 1st Place & Overall
    1999 Northwest Fitness - 2nd Place
    * 1999 & 2000 competitions competed with maiden name: Gill.


    October 2001 issue MuscleMag (Emerald Cup Figure) page #247
    July 2001 issue of the Northwest Stacked Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine
    September 2002 issue of Oxygen Magazine (future of fitness) page #177
    November 2003 issue of Oxygen Magazine (full page) page #170
    November 2003 issue of Ironman Magazine (Pump & Circumstance)
    December 2003 issue of Oxygen Magazine (blab section)
    January 2003 issue of Oxygen Magazine (contest updates)
    January 2003 issue of NPC Magazine (contest updates for 2003 USA's)
    April 2005 issue of Oxygen Magazine (GNC SOS 2004 contest updates - Special Mention) page #152
    September issue of Oxygen Magazine (Emerald Cup contest updates - highlighting Sandy Grant as local competitor)
    December 2005 issue of Women's Physique World - article by Steve Wennerstrom (& pictures from 2005 Pro Fitness Emerald Cup) page #33

Newspapers/ bulletins:

    Eastside Women's Journal - November 7, 1999 - Evergreen Health Pantry Ad Chiropractic Health, DiDomenico Chiropractic - May 2000 - (patient spotlight) Issaquah Press - August 22, 2001 - Highlighting Sandy Grant & the "First" NPC National Figure Competition in New York Mill Creek Herald Newspaper "Sports Section" - April 29, 2005 - Sandy Grant Interview & Highlighting the Emerald Cup Pro Fitness

Other sites where you can find Sandy Grant:

Sandy Grant
IFBB Fitness Pro

    Career: IFBB Fitness Pro & Full Time Executive Assistant
    Height: 5' 3/4"
    Weight: 130 Lbs., Contest: 122 Lbs.
    Hair: Highlighted
    Eyes: Brown
    Birthday: August 23
    Status: Happily Married
    Home: Seattle Area
    Fav Diet Food: Flank Steak, Oatmeal & Cream of Rice with cinnamon
    Fav Cheat Food: Special Dark Hershey's Chocolate Bar (super-sized!), Cookies and anything chocolate!
    Fav Color: Royal Blue
    Fitness Inspirational Role Models: Monica Brant, Cory Everson, Debbie Kruck
    Inspiration: My Sister Shannon Gill. She is my Best Friend, Coach & my everything
    Sandy's Motivational Quote: "Keep your Faith Muscles Strong!"
    Strong Man Award: I dedicate this award to my husband, who puts up with my competition diet & training every year since 1999. What a trooper! Love Ya Honey!!

    Sandy Grant can be contacted via her web site for modeling & appearances & if you're interested in providing sponsorship.

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