My name is Ben C., and I started bodybuilding at age 15. I fell in love with bodybuilding as soon as I started, and would have to say it's more of a lifestyle than a sport! I had to stop bodybuilding for medical reasons 3 months ago but I am now ready...

Name: Ben
Years Bodybuilding: 2.5 Years
Favorite Bodyparts: Chest/Abs
Favorite Exercise: Leg Extension
Favorite Exercise: Treadmill/X-Trainer
Favorite Supplements: Creatine, Glutamine, Lean Body MRP, L-Carnitine
Favorite Bodybuilders: Lee Priest, Skip La Cour
Hobbies: Bodybuilding
As of 11/11/2000
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180lbs.
Chest: 39.5 inches
Calves: 15.5 inches
Legs: 23 inches
Arms: 16.5 inches
Waist: 33 inches


  • Being Symmetrical!

    Ben is a teenage bodybuilder who's got a lot of experience and smart lifting under his belt! Get ready to learn and grow. Ben goes through some good ways of being symmetrical and not hurting yourself.

  • Motivation And Life Improvement!

    Take the time after you've finished reading this article to sit down and get organized! Make checklists, write out plans and programs, make a list of short term and long terms goals and stick to them! But as always this is easier said than done!

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    Just like my articles I like to keep my workouts 'short and sweet'. Personally I feel there is absolutely NO other way! The way I see it is that...

  • Working Out Together!

    As you've probably noticed from my previous articles, I place a high importance on dedication and motivation. They are key to bodybuilding. Without them you won't succeed.

  • Should Creatine Powder Be Banned?

    They say that 'particularly in the long-term' use of creatine, it could even have the potential to cause cancer. This, however, is no doubt highly unlikely.