Sebastian Balcombe


Sebastian Balcombe is the founder and CEO of Athletic Edge, a nutrient-support and supplementation brand. Under Sebastian's leadership, Athletic Edge has consistently lived up to its brand promise of "substance over hype" since its beginning in 2005. Sebastian is on a mission to change the public's perception of nutritional supplements by creating the cleanest, most effective products on the market.

For more than 20 years, Balcombe has studied nutritional supplementation and nutritional biochemistry. Utilizing this research and his degree in exercise physiology, Balcombe works to identify ingredients that impact general health, exercise performance, weight loss and gain, recovery, and muscle building. His research and his products address how the body works and how nutritional supplementation, diet, and exercise intersect with various lifestyle factors, including fitness training, weight gain, brain health, joint health, cardiovascular health, and aging.

With an understanding of nutritional science, physiology, and clinical research—and a creative, unconventional way of putting these pieces together—Sebastian has created new categories within nutritional supplementation and greatly improved formulations within existing categories. As a part of Athletic Edge, he has helped formulate the following products:

  • IntraXCell
  • IntrAbolic
  • CreatineRT
  • PreSurge
  • APE
  • APE Darknight
  • APE Libido
  • LIV Hybrid Weight-Loss
  • SteelEdge

Sebastian's no-hype, scientific information on nutritional supplements has been published in magazines such as Muscular Development, FitnessRx for Men, FitnessRx for Women, as well as on He also wrote "The Beta-Alanine Revolution," a guide to beta-alanine and its ability to delay muscle fatigue.

Sebastian's authentic passion, obsession with craftsmanship, and drive to create a superior customer-brand experience has built him a unique reputation in the industry. He is dedicated to helping people achieve a better quality of life and committed to establishing new standards in product development, innovation, research, and quality control as Athletic Edge continues to grow in the future.