Tommy Barnett


My name is Tommy Barnett. I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio and work for Fitworks where I am a personal trainer and a gym maintenance employee. I received my certification from ISSA. Also, I am currently a student in Cincinnati where I am majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. I have been involved in sports since the age of five - total: I have played seven different sports. I have also been involved with lifting since I was the age of 13 when I received my first personal trainer. I receive most of my knowledge through experience. I have also been involved in speed camps (power endurance training), and I have had a dietician helping me since the age of 14. Before moving back from Los Angeles, CA, I was successfully modeling and acting and involved in the music industry. My philosophy on training is to keep it as simple as you can - the more you resist the change the longer it takes for you to be in the stream of life.



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