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Cynthia Pasquella

Cynthia Pasquella is touted as one of Hollywood's favorite nutritionists due to her extensive knowledge, upbeat attitude, and fresh perspective. She is a respected Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), Certified Wellness Coach (CWC), and detox specialist. Cynthia is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, the American Holistic Medical Association, and the American Association of Nutritional Consultants.

Cynthia's clientele includes celebrities, top models, professional athletes, and busy executives. As a former model, television host, and fitness competitor, Cynthia saw firsthand the pressure to stay thin and witnessed the lengths that people will go to in order to remain "picture perfect". Rather than succumb to the pressures of Hollywood, she looked for a healthy way to stay fit while still nurturing her mind, body, and spirit.

Cynthia practices a natural, mind-body approach to weight loss and overall health that provides amazing results without the stress, inconvenience, and harsh side effects of most diet programs. She specializes in detoxification and cleansing of the body in a gentle, yet effective, way. Cynthia believes in looking at the big picture and making a lifestyle change as opposed to continuously opting for a quick fix or the latest fad diet.

In early 2009, Cynthia co-founded SoCal Cleanse, a company that specializes in luxury USDA Certified Organic body care - inside and out. She has been the spokesperson for several health and fitness companies and has appeared in numerous infomercials. She is a savvy and dynamic speaker and has been interviewed by various newspapers, books, and magazines including Men's Fitness, People Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Seventeen Magazine, Marie Claire, The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets, The Black Book of Hollywood Pregnancy Secrets, and many others.

Cynthia is the executive editor of, a website focused on how celebrities stay healthy. She is also the food and health editor at She has written numerous articles and just recently contributed to her first book, The Black Book of Hollywood Pregnancy Secrets, scheduled to be released in March 2009.

Graduating from DePaul University, Cynthia chose to further her studies in Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health at the Natural Healing Institute in California. In addition, she has studied Digestive Physiology and Anatomy and Colon Health at Hawthorn University and has studied Ayurvedic Medicine at the Integrative Health Care Institute.

Jolene Hart

Jolene Hart

Jolene Hart is a freelance writer and reporter with a passion for holistic health and beauty and a love of travel.

She most recently worked on staff in the beauty department of In Style magazine, covering every aspect of the beauty industry from product breakthroughs to backstage trends at fashion week. She also spent time working in fashion at In Style and reporting on celebrity and red carpet news at People magazine and People Stylewatch.

Jolene currently writes about beauty, fashion, nutrition and wellness for several print and online publications.

Healthy Hollywood

Founder and Editor in Chief, Cynthia Pasquella C.C.N., is no stranger to celebrity health and fitness. As one of Hollywood's favorite nutritionists, Cynthia has helped coach celebrities, professionals, and athletes to healthy bodies and minds.

The idea for Healthy Hollywood evolved when friends and yes, even strangers, started asking Cynthia what the celebrities secrets were. They wanted to know how they achieved those amazing bodies or managed to stay sane while having three children, a famous husband, and a thriving career. Realizing that these "secrets" could help many more people than just her own clients, Cynthia found an easy way to share them with the world and was born!


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