Peter 'Big Cat' van Mol


Peter "Big Cat" van Mol became the second official member of the community back in 2000 when founder and then-CEO Ryan DeLuca asked him if he wanted to write content for the rapidly growing site. He had an educational background in molecular biology and biochemistry, and wrote numerous articles about bodybuilding, nutrition, and supplementation, as well as his column "Big Cat's Corner."

Before his passing, van Mol was an author, muscle model, editor at Muscle and Sports Science, and quality assurance manager and R&D specialist for Musculi, a Belgian sports supplementation company.


  • Top 10 Supplements For Bulking

    For many lifters, a mass-gain phase becomes their first introduction to bulking supplements. Which ones are the right ones for you, though? Check out this handy breakdown.

  • The Physiology Of Fat Loss Part Five!

    We have arrived at part 5, the last of the purely theoretical parts. This time around we are discussing the various sex hormones like DHEA, testosterone and estrogen.

  • The Physiology Of Fat Loss Part Four!

    Ok, we are nearing the end of our theoretical ordeal. Today we are going to be covering, briefly, Growth Hormone, appetite regulation, cortisol and TNF-alpha and how they may relate to our fat loss efforts.

  • The Physiology Of Fat Loss!

    The first article is related to lipolysis and non-shivering thermogenisis. To not complicate things too much, I will stick to discussing only the local effects on fat cells and their adjacent nerves in this first instalment.

  • I.C.E. Program #17 - Training The Forearms!

    The most complete forearm building article ever. You will build huge lower arms quickly!

  • I.C.E. Program #16 - Training The Trapezius!

    So you've got a gigantic chest, you've built cannonball delts and your lats stretch so far your 20 inch guns can't reach your side anymore.

  • I.C.E. Program #15 - Training The Midsection!

    So you've managed to build a respectable X-frame. Now what? Well, why do you have an X-frame? To focus visual attention. And since attention is eventually always drawn to the center, that means you are putting your midsection on display.

  • I.C.E. Program #13 - Training The Triceps!

    Many people consider the biceps the what-all of arm training. When someone asks you to flex your arms nobody will give them a triceps shot.

  • I.C.E. Program #12 - Training The Biceps!

    When someone asks you to flex, what do you do? You immediately roll up your sleeve and flex a Bi. A lot of the attention that was formerly on shoulders may have shifted to chest, but none of that has taken away from the fascination with the biceps!

  • I.C.E. Program #10 - Training The Quadriceps!

    But you know what looks really stupid though? A guy with 18-inch guns, a barrel-shape chest, flaring lats and cannonball delts that suspends his body on toothpick legs.

  • I.C.E. Program #11 - Training The Hamstrings And Calves!

    It may look like the quads are all there is to leg training you'll notice that the quads hardly equal the only muscle on the leg.

  • I.C.E. Program #9 - Training The Chest!

    Slowly but certainly the focus when training the body has shifted from muscular shoulders and a tiny waist, to building a chest that resembles the armour of a mythical soldier.

  • I.C.E. Program #8 - Training The Back!

    Wide shoulders are the first element of an X-frame that makes for the superior view in a front relax pose.

  • I.C.E. Program #7 - Training The Shoulders!

    The shoulders are the key element in building an impressive physique. Every element holds its own in the whole that forms the amazing bodies that bodybuilding.

  • The I.C.E. Training Program!

    After having enlightened you with some information on nutrition and supplements, that leaves me only with training information left to give.

  • The Latest Studies On Supplements And Training Plus My Review!

    This is the first issued of a new column called Science and Performance in which I will discuss clinical studies and trials as they relate to exercise performance and supplementation.

  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH)!

    With thousands of supplements to rave about, an entire cloaked market of potent steroids and the debate about their legalization, why on earth would anyone want to discuss Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

  • The 10 Nutritional Commandments For Bulking!

    The world of bodybuilding is a confusing one, that is pretty much all the experts will agree on. There are so many different ways of approaching every single aspect of the game. Some things however are etched in stone.

  • Water-Soluble Vitamins For Bodybuilders!

    Get the low-down on water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C, folic acid, thiamin, and more!

  • Fat-Soluble Vitamins, Minerals And Trace Elements

    I started at 153 lbs. and have worked my way up to a competitive 218 and hope to be on my way to 225-228 by November.