Ric Drasin


Former Professional Wrestler known as 'The Equalizer' AWF Champion wrestled for AWA, NWA, CCW, WWF, GCW, PWA and many more.

He was Arnold Schwarzenegger's training partner in the early 1970's at Gold's Gym in Venice. Ric also designed the famous Gold's Gym and World Gym T-Shirt logos in 1973 that you see around today.

He was the Demi-Hulk 'middle hulk' on the Incredible Hulk TV series and has been seen in numerous TV commercials, Films and Print Ads and also has his own reality series in development.

Ric owns and operates the AWF 'American Wrestling Federation' pro wrestling school in Sherman Oaks, CA and helps others reach their goals in Pro Wrestling along with building their character, self-esteem and mind-body, coordination. He also developed the Security Kat self defense key chain device (www.securitykat.com) and is an accomplished guitarist having had a recording contract with Capital Records. Along with that he also does tattooing, web design, animation, silk screening and airbrushing.

Over the years Ric has written many articles for Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness as well as Flex magazines and a few others. He also has trained celebrities such as Erik Estrada, Jeff Goldblum, Chuck Negron (3 Dog Night) Daniel Baldwin and Gene Simmons.




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