Andy Speer


My 25-year career in athletics and fitness has given me more opportunities, confidence, and purpose than I could have ever dreamed. My passion is helping others improve their lives through physical fitness.”

Growing up as a gymnast Andrew spent countless hours in the gym walking on his hands and swinging on rings and parallel bars. In high school Andrew transitioned to track and field, going on to compete as a pole-vaulter for the University of Miami. In college Andrew found the weight-room, and in two years transformed his wiry 140-pound frame into a lean and muscular 185 pounds. It was in the weight-room that Andrew first developed his a passion and skill for training and motivating others. For Andrew, coaching is training.

Andrew continued to develop his training skills by learning from the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country. He attended certifications and seminars lead by legendary trainers such as Pavel Tsatouline, Dan John, Martin Rooney, Gray Cook and put this knowledge to work – racking up over 10,000 training hours over the next 8 years.

Andrew’s athletic background as a gymnast and pole-vaulter, along with his skills in Olympic lifting, body-weight training, kettlebells, and eye for technique and movement developed through years of training, made him one of the top trainers in the nation.

In 2013, Andrew, along with partners Ryan Hopkins and Albert Matheny, opened Soho Strength Lab. His vision to create a facility where clients can ‘Find Your Inner Athlete’ came to fruition. SSL has quickly become one of Manhattan’s elite private training facilities, with a growing client list of the top names fashion, entertainment, and finance.

In the summer of 2014, Andrew won the title of Men’s Health Next Top Trainer. From there he designed and produced the successful body transformation DVD series The Anarchy Workout with Men’s Health. The DVD was released in January 2015 and has been one of Men’s Health’s top selling DVDs.

Andrew learned from the very best in fitness DVDs. He was first featured in Shaun T’s Asylum 2 DVD series, and later, working along side Shaun, helped develop and was featured in Shaun T’s T25 DVD series. Andrew also appeared in the Men’s Health DVD series MH60 with David Jack. He has also created video workouts for Booya Fitness, online steaming fitness programs.

In addition to training and creating workout DVDs Andrew is one of New York’s top fitness models with Wilhelmina Models. He works regularly with variety of clients from fitness to fashion such as Reebok, Nike, Under Armour, Everlast, Men’s Health, Jockey, Target, Sak’s 5th Avenue and Armani. In 2013, Andrew created the exercise routine for MAC cosmetics Temperature Rising Campaign.

Andrew is Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and SFG Level 1 kettlebell Instructor. Andrew has also been certified as a USA weightlifting Level 1 coach, an RKC-1 kettlebell instructor, and Martin Rooney’s Training for Warriors Level 1 instructor.

Andrew is one of the lightest men ever to complete The Beast Challenge, performing a shoulder press, a pistol squat, and a weighted pull up with a 48kg (106lb) kettlebell.

Andrew also trains in Muay Thai kickboxing, competes in Spartan races, enjoys running with his rescue pit bull Missy, and spending time with his fiancee Christina Jensen.



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