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Who do world class coaches consult and endorse? Ask American Sambo Academy Director Dr Brett Jacques, USA Judo Team Coach Neil Ohlenkamp, SFC Matt Larsen NCOIC at the US ARMY Combatives School, USA Karate Coach Tokey Hill, Canadian Sambo Team Coach Igor Yakimov, World Brazilian Jiujitsu Champion Steve Maxwell, UFC Winner Elvis Sinosic, Fitness Icon Pavel Tsatsouline, National Law Enforcement Program Director Mike Gillette, Wake Forest University Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Ethan Reeve. They all endorse Coach Sonnon.

Coach Sonnon is the single most trusted resource on physical culture and martial art, as an international champion, USA National Coach, Physical Conditioning Advisor and a multiple time Hall of Fame inductee.

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Coach Scott Sonnon
Author, Inventor, Coach.

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  • USA National SOMBO Coach, 1993 - 1995
  • Founder Universal Sambo Team - 1994-1996
  • 1999 Fighting Arts Instructor International Hall of Fame
  • Developer of Zdorovye, the Russian Natural Health System - 1998
  • First foreigner to be selected to train in the former Soviet Union in Russian Martial Art - 1996
  • Launched American Academy for Russian Martial Art and Combat Skill, Inc. in 1996, the first RMA training center in USA and the official instructor training headquarters for System ROSS in N. America.
  • Inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Master Instructor of the Year 1999
  • Creator of over 40 Award-winning Performance Enhancements Resources.
  • Published author of Clubbell Training For Circular Strength, Maximology - The Pursuit of Human Excellence, RMAX Magazine, Body-Flow: Freedom From Fear-Reactivity and much more...
  • In June of 2003, Coach Sonnon received his official patent for his strength and conditioning invention, the Clubbell!
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  • Mobility Superior To Flexibility!

    Mobility practice is a daily requirement, whereas flexibility training is not. Mobility practice provides nutritive and lubricative fluid to wash each joint (which it would not happen without doing so), reversing the aging-process...

  • The Inner Unit Of Core Activation!

    Some people have expressed that they would like to know more of the science underpinning Body-Flow. Therefore, I thought I'd share one of the recent insights brought to light through a Q&A with a client.

  • The Last Neck Exercise You'll Ever Need!

    I'm an average size for a man. As a matter of fact, demonstrating at the Arnold Classic certain feats of strength such as a Clean to Hand Balancing the 45LBS clubbell seemed to be more of a strength oddity for the larger-than-life beefcake...

  • Three Dimensional Balance Training: No Equipment. No Fuss. No Cost!

    Has balance training become en vogue and the new rave? From physical therapy to the hottest glamour gym, fitness enthusiasts everywhere are jumping on the wobbling, jostling and teetering balance training bandwagon. Learn why!

  • Intuitive Training Defined!

    If you want to prevent burn-out over-training and injuries, and if you want to continue to make positive results indefinitely, then your RPE should be one of the key factor in your program assessment.